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Zombie Parties in Pet Society

zombie party in Pet society

Sushi just attended a zombie party, a new feature in Pet Society where all the pets walk around with their eyes closed and mouths agape. Too cute!

The party was hosted by Patrizia’s pet, Marilyn. At some point, one or two pets randomly woke up, while the others continued to be in the zombie state. It was a weird and fun experience—and luckily, Sushi made it out alive.

zombie party in pet society

zombie party in pet society

The zombie party invites are available at the Pet Society Market and Boutique. Hosting your own party costs 15 Playfish Cash. Or, you can ask friends to help build the invitation for free. If you go that route, your friends will have to check out their Facebook Requests section.

Requests for Free Items
Pet Society recently changed the way some free items are exchanged. You can now find the items directly in the game, without having to check your Facebook requests. Yay!!! However, the Zombie Party invite is still within the old system of Facebook requests. Boo!!! Your friends will have to respond within the requests in order for you to get the item.

As you can see, I have 225 requests. I tend to ignore these because they take me away from the game and other fun features of Facebook. My requests are also cluttered with tiresome invitations to groups like Make Me Change My Name to Spiderman or I prefer Internet smileys without the nose. If you want the free zombie invite, you may need to send a separate message to your friends asking them to pay special attention to these requests.


Tips for Playfish Hotel City

If you can tear yourself away from your pet, Hotel City, Playfish’s latest game which was released on March 17, is worth checking out. The new game, which is centered around building and designing a hotel, is a delight for someone who enjoys the decorating aspects of Pet Society.

The game’s straightforward tutorial will get you started right away. However, I’m including a couple of screenshots here for additional tips. Get a load of these yummy wallpaper patterns! I sure hope Playfish brings them into Pet Society.

playfish hotel city

playfish hotel city

playfish hotel city

As a Pet Societyholic, I haven’t been very engaged by other social games, but Hotel City just might become my next addiction. The only thing that may be a drawback is that there is no avatar that feels personal to me. One of the biggest allures of Pet Society is that the pet feels like an extension of the player. But here, it’s all about the hotel. Is that enough to keep one’s interest? I’ll let you know in a few weeks if I’m still playing.

Pet Society Improvements

Well, Petville sure isn’t popular around here. Not surprising, since if you’re reading this site, you’re probably a raving Pet Society addict. But competition is always good for industry, and we heard some pros and cons about Zynga’s Petville and a lot of great suggestions for what Playfish can do to step up its game.

How Pet Society can be better

  1. Gimme Some Love! – Allow two pets to lie on a bed or sit on a couch together. This was possible in 2008, and it was so unbelievably cute. When my pet Sushi and his friend Wasabi laid together—for an entire 2 seconds—I could feel my heart beating a little faster. Yowza! It was the spark that made me start this blog in the first place. So please, Playfish, bring back the love!


  2. Functional Fish – Let us eat the fish, give it to friends, sell it.


  3. Vintage Store – Unfortunately, there are some abusive traders in the forums who have ripped others off. An antiques store with vintage items may put an end to the abuses. This might also decrease the number of hacks that clone antique goods.

  4. More Games at the Stadium – Pole Vault, Swimming, Water Polo, Tennis, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, Weightlifting. Anything other than just racing!


  5. Drive – A car or a scooter that actually works would be fab.


  6. Upgrade the Camera – Let us take full-sized pics of our pets in the house, not just outside the house.


  7. More Ways to Make Money – The new lottery wheel is great, but how about offering some Playfish Cash? Then we can all jump up and shout “Wheel! Of! Fortune!”

Thanks to all the readers who commented on the previous post, “Petville vs. Pet Society,” especially Leeann, Ferretbite, Kylie, Luna, Moxie, Hehe, and Leo.

Petville vs. Pet Society

A few days ago, a new game, Petville, was released on Facebook. The game is pretty much a copy of Pet Society. You get a virtual pet, you customize its appearance, feed it, shop for it, decorate its house, visit friends and earn money.

The game is made by Playfish frenemy Zynga, the maker of Mafia Wars, Farmville and Yoville. On the day of Petville’s release, a Playfish staff member contacted me and had this to say about the rivalry between the two companies: “I’m biased of course, but even if I didn’t work for Playfish I’d gravitate to our games because they look better, have more depth, and are more creative and innovative.”

To be fair, I’m sure someone working at Zynga would say the same about their games, and a poll on AOL’s shows that more people actually prefer the look of Petville over Pet Society.

It’ll be very interesting to see how Petville fares in the coming months. Perhaps the competition will be good in helping Pet Society improve its features.

I tested Petville on three separate occasions. Here’s a quick review of the highlights.

Here’s my test pet “Ramses” eating. I bought a banana, but it looks like dried dog food in the bowl, and the pet shovels it in with his hands. This is interesting to note, because Playfish COO Sebastien de Halleux once told me that when Pet Society was first released, it featured animal food, but the company found out that players preferred to feed their pets human food.

One cool thing about Petville’s food is the treats that are stored in the chest. Feed your pet a treat and it will do a trick. Here’s an image of Ramses playing a guitar after I gave him a custard. I never bought the guitar, so I was surprised that it magically appeared on its own.

Here’s Ramses shopping for clothes:

I do like the elevators in the stores. Each floor features different types of merchandise, such as sportswear and holiday costumes. The layout is cleaner and easier to navigate than the Pet Society stores, which have gotten very crowded in the past year.

There’s one big downside to Petville. If you don’t check in frequently enough, your pet lands in jail and you’ll need to pay a fine. I was charged 827 coins after just one day!

Other than the issue of high fees, Petville seems to have pretty good features. If I weren’t already a Pet Societyholic, maybe I would take it up.

How loyal are you to Pet Society?
Do you log in to Pet Society every day? Do you feel all warm and fuzzy when you think about your pet? Would you ever cheat on your pet by going to Petville?

Makeovers in Pet Society – Stashy

Poor Stashy! No one wants to be around him because of his stinkin’ poo and flies. His owner Hana writes that Stashy spends most of his days alone, fishing at the pond. “Look at those dull, lifeless eyes,” she says. “Look at the shabby rags! He needs your help!”

How could we turn this poopy pet into a prince?
First, we gave Stashy some alone time in the bathroom. It had been so long since Stashy had washed up that he looked like he was in pain under the shower. But eventually, he started enjoying the water and splashed around merrily.

Then we took him to the barber to get his raggedy beard trimmed. It was such a simple change, yet it made a big difference in his overall facial structure.

Later, it was time to hit the shops for some retail therapy. We first outfitted him in a pair of Classic Jeans (300 coins) and a Shirt with Beige Vest (300) for a preppy, young law student look.

Then we experimented with some casual outfits using the Nerdy Boy Wig (1000) and some sunglasses. We think he looks hot! How about you?

Pet Society Make-over

Pet Society Fashion Poll – Indians

Back by popular demand, the Pet Society Fashion Poll takes candid pictures of four pets wearing similar outfits. Readers vote on their favorite look.

This week, many pets donned Indian (Native American) feathers and moccasins to go with their Thanksgiving decor. Here are the most stylin’ natives in da hood:

1. Wuschelmaus setting the dinner table.

2. Pop making friends with Hideeni.

3. This Indian looks like he’s about to give an Elvis lip-synch concert.

4. Cute Pinkie saves the turkey from being part of the dinner.

Here they are again. Vote at the bottom of this post.

1. Wuschelmaus
 2. Pop
3. Diemaz
 4. Pinkie

Maids, Millionaires & Fairies in Pet Society

Memo to Playfish: The show is called Who Wants to be a Millionaire, NOT Who Wants to be a Maid! Why would anyone want to dress as a maid? Why is a maid outfit even considered cute?

Warning to Kids: Don’t play too much Pet Society and other Facebook games. Finish school and hone your talents so you don’t end up wearing a maid’s uniform when you grow up—except maybe as a costume for Halloween, but don’t do that either, because Halloween maids are just t-a-c-k-y.

Fairy Outfits:

This week, the shops are also offering wings and dresses for fairies, which are cuter. But the wig puzzled me. Still, I might buy it because it looks so ridiculous:

Fairy Wig in Pet Society


Finally, the Luxury Shop is selling oak, gothic and princess staircases. Now, this is more like it. After all, my pet Sushi wants to be the master of the mansion, not the servant! But at 5,000 coins, I am wondering if our pets can actually go up and down those stairs. Because you see, we all want to be movie stars, and being able to descend a long staircase wearing a glittery ballgown would be really grand.

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