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Princess or Punk in Pet Society?

princess or punk in pet society

We think it’s funny that Punk Week is following Royal Wedding week in Pet Society. It makes us wonder, would you rather be a princess or a punk? Let’s compare:

  • If you’re a princess, you would wear a crown.
  • If you’re a punk, you could wear crazy red or blue wigs.
  • A princess would be busy visiting other state officials.


  • A punk would be busy partying late into the night.


  • A princess would inherit the wealth of the king.
    king in pet society


  • A punk might have to sell his favorite things for money.
    punk in pet society


  • A princess would be surrounded by body guards.
    guard in pet society


  • A punk might be surrounded by poor friends who are hungry.


  • Then again, if you’re a princess, it may be your responsibility to feed those who are hungry.
    princess in pet society


  • If you’re a princess, you may never be alone. Yet, sometimes, you might feel very alone, because no one else can relate.

princess in pet society

So what would you prefer to be? Princess or punk?


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