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Easter-themed Poos in Pet Society

easter poos in pet society

Noemi’s pet Luna has been working hard to squeeze out the new Easter-themed poos! The yellow duckling, carrot cake, and creamy egg poos look good enough to eat. Which one’s your favorite?


Thank you to Snowball for giving Sushi his own set of the new poo! We love ’em!


Valentine’s Poo in Pet Society

Ah, Valentine’s Day—the holiday loved by florists and greeting card companies, and dreaded by every boyfriend-less or unhappily married woman in America. 

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Milagros, the writer of Tipsy’s World, another PS blog, urged me to update my site.  We are impressed by Pet Society’s new Valentine’s Day poo and its charming gold and red hearts that float above it.  

It joins the game’s more sophisticated collection of poo, including the last two releases of Petmas poo and Sparkly Pink poo. Remember when poo was just a dark little lump?  

But we have to laugh at the joke.  Is Valentine’s Day about loving or dumping?  Or both?

The Joy of Pet Society Poo

Pet Society poo

Many of you have been wondering if pets can still poo since Playfish made numerous updates to the game earlier this year. Here’s the answer: Yes, we can! The way to relief is still the same: Be full and dirty. And stay at home, because like some people, your pet needs the comfort of his own house to drop a load. If you need more tips, see my guide, Pooing for Dummies in Pet Society.

Pooing for Dummies in Pet Society

My pet squeezing one out.

My pet squeezing one out.

I have written several entries about brown poo, golden poo and rainbow poo, but many readers are still wondering how to get their pets to drop a load. Perhaps you’re new to the game and still learning the ropes. In that case, here is a step-by-step guide on Pet Society poo:

  1. Raise your pet’s health & happiness levels by feeding it and visiting other pets.
  2. While keeping the first two levels high, allow the hygiene level to go down by not cleaning your pet.
  3. Go home. Your pet cannot poo while it’s out and about. Like many people, it needs the comfort of home in order to take a dump.

  4. Do not let your pet sit or lie down. This includes toilets. Your pet has to stand up in order to poo.
  5. Try going to a relatively empty room, where your pet won’t be able to sit on a chair or pick up toys. If your pet doesn’t have much else to do, it will poo more quickly.
  6. If you want to save your poo and move it to another room, you must store it in your chest first. Otherwise, when you click on the poo, it will be cashed in for 1 coin.
  7. Golden poo is rare and rainbow poo is very, very rare. But you produce them the same way as you produce brown poo.
  8. Golden poo and rainbow poo are worth only 20 coins when cashed in. They’re worth much more when trading with other people for valuable items.

Hopefully this answers all your questions about pooing in Pet Society. To see other pictures of Pet Society poo, check out these posts:
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Rainbow Poo – So rare you can say this sh*t is holy without being ironic

Pet Society Poo

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