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Pet Society Hack – Mayor Imposters and Cheesy Mayor Clones

Not sure why anyone would want to look like the village mayor, but if bushy white eyebrows and a blue top hat are your thing, here’s a hack for impersonating him, if only for a moment. The same hack also allows you to purchase the Cheesy Mayor for just 20 coins. However, once you log off the game, your pet will return to his usual state and your Cheesy Mayor will turn into a tiny piece of fish. Poof! It was all a dream…


Rainbow Poo Explosion

Holy cr*p, there’s been an explosion of rainbow poo. Back in March, there was only one example of rainbow poo in all of Pet Society, but now, people are finding rows and rows of it. Just this morning, I received several boxes filled with the colorful poo:


What’s the cause of this explosion? A hacker, of course. Patiniox, the programmer I interviewed last month, has come up with a cheat for rainbow and golden poo.* Patiniox is Argentinian, so his blog is in Spanish, but the video demonstrates the technique step by step.

I personally don’t have the desire or patience to try it (I don’t like to mess with my computer), but I do appreciate the sight of rainbow poo. It’s colorful and cheerful and moves up and down as if it were alive. It always made me happy when I visited Rainbow Girl and saw it dance and twinkle in her house. That sh*t was really special. It was almost holy. I’m a little sad that rainbow poo is now so common. My friend Ruth Quiñones sums it up best: “Something once precious is now just… poo.”

Facts about Rainbow Poo

  • Rainbow poo is slightly larger than golden poo and undulates up and down.
  • Back in March 2009, only one person in the Pet Society universe had it.
  • A couple of more people got it over the course of the next few months.
  • Rainbow poo is now aplenty, due to a hack developed by an Argentinian programmer named Patiniox.
  • It’s still really hard for pets to poo it out naturally.
  • If you recycle it, you earn 122 recycling points.
  • If you cash in the rainbow poo, you earn 20 coins.
  • You get 4 paw points if you give it to a friend.
  • It’s still pretty cool and makes a nice gift.


* Update * Sep 25, 2009 – Playfish is now cracking down on rainbow and golden poo. You are allowed to have only 1 rainbow poo and 3 golden poos. The extras will be taken away. Click here for more info.

Pet Society Cheats & Hacks – Part 2


Since my encounter with Xavito, who warned me about cheating in Pet Society, I’ve become curious about the hackers themselves, the people who make the cheating possible. Who are they? What are their motives? What do their pets look like? Are hackers really evil, or are they, as one blogger writes, the artists and poets of the computing industry?

There are dozens of sites and videos devoted to hacking in Pet Society. One of the more interesting ones is by a man from Argentina, who calls himself Patiniox. His pet lives in a castle and has over a million coins in reserve.


In July, Patiniox developed a fishing hack that allows you to catch fish more easily, in one pull instead of three to four. However, the hack doesn’t produce better fish. In his video demonstration, he catches a sea urchin, seaweed, and a bike wheel.

His latest hack is a recycling program that allows players to gain 750 coins for recycling a dark country chair. And the chair doesn’t disappear from the chest, so you can keep recycling it.

Despite the gaps between our English-Spanish, Patiniox took the time to respond to my questions.

Q: How much time do you spend playing games like Pet Society and Restaurant City?
A: Really not much, because I do not have much time, but usually when I can do it, about twice a week for 2-3 hours.

Q: Do you have fun playing these games, or do you have more fun trying to figure out how to hack into them?
A: Really a game hack and trying to discover which part of the code are the most important routines.

Q: How much of a challenge is it to hack into these games?
A: Depends on how safe the game is, for Pet Society, the safest of all in the validation of coins. I try to give the greatest possible care when not in maintenance.

Q: Huh? (But remember, this man lives in Argentina. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for the early explorers like Columbus and Marco Polo when they went to other countries without the benefits of Berlitz and Google translator.)

Q: Has anyone from Playfish ever asked you to stop cheating or tried to disable your account?
A: Never. I think what I do helps them to improve their gaming system.

Q: What other computer games do you play?
A: None at this time particular, but in the past, Fallout 3, Call of Duty 4 and Gears of War.

Q: How old are you?
A: I am in the middle of my life 🙂 Thank you for your words and contact, what I like about all this is to help others. Saludos y gracias por visitar el blog! – Patiniox

So there you have it, my interview with a hacker. Seems like a nice enough fellow. One question that I didn’t ask was if he ever thought about hacking something real—like a cash machine. Now, that would really be something, wouldn’t it? But I didn’t want to insult him, in case he got upset and decided to hack into my account!

How do you feel about cheating in Pet Society? Have you done it? Do you think it’s bad or OK? Or is it pointless?

Pet Society Cheats & Hacks – Part 1


Recently, my pet Sushi became friends with a very cute Puerto Rican pet named Xavito. When I visited this new friend, I was surprised by:

  • the sight of Xavito pooing in front of me
  • how Xavito had over 16 million points, but a modest-looking house, much like my own

Immediately, I smelled something fishy. I sent a note to Xavito. This was our correspondence:




After seeing these messages, I e-mailed the Playfish office and asked how the company felt about hacking and cheating. Does the company try to prevent it? Or is cheating tolerated? Is it even somewhat flattering, that people care so much about the games that they want to hack them?

This was the official response:

“At Playfish, we strive to create a fun community for you to enjoy. We encourage you to express yourself peacefully in our community and on our games. We will do our best to allow you to do so. But we also expect you to be respectful of our games and especially of each other. Please be polite to other players. And do not try to hack our games or cheat – it ruins the experience for everyone else. Failure to adhere to these expectations may result in your account being reset or banned across any and all Playfish games at our discretion. For more detailed information, please see our Terms of Service.”

See Part 2: Interview with a Hacker

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