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Pet Society Pics – Meet the Mayor

dancing mayor in pet society

Meet the mayor! Playfish recently made the Mayor a more active part of the game.

Your pet can now chill out with the mayor:
mayor in pet society

Your pet can talk with the mayor. (Is it me, or does this question sound dirty?)
mayor in pet society

Your pet and the mayor can reminisce about the good old days of Pet Society.
mayor in pet society

Your pet might even be able to sleep with the mayor!
mayor in pet society

Julianne says that her pet Esque recently visited the Mayor for the first time. Imagine her surprise when he immediately hopped into bed and threw money at her! Esque excused herself and made a quick getaway—but not before paparazzi snapped this incriminating photo!

Thanks to all who contributed pictures. I haven’t been able to meet the mayor myself because the game has been running too slow for me. šŸ˜¦ But I’m happy to post cool pictures from PSA fans!


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