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Hideeni Eats, Drinks in Pet Society

pet society hideeni eats drinks

I never realized that Hideeni, who looks even creepier than usual in his clown costume, eats and drinks. I discovered this today by accident when I tried to get my pet to drink some O.J. Hideeni instantly grabbed the juice and gulped it down. I got paid some coins for feeding him. Now, the logical question is, if Hideeni eats and drinks, does he poop as well???

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Happy Birthday, Hideeni!

hideeni birthday in pet society

Happy Birthday, Hideeni! October 23, 2009 was the first time we saw Hideeni in Pet Society. He didn’t make the best first impression with his weird chicken outfit, but we’ve since grown fond of him. In celebration of his first birthday, the Market will be offering a cute candle plushie for one week only.

hideeni birthday candle

Hideeni Fashion Poll
Hideeni has always been fashion-forward, never shy to wear masks or feathers. Which look is your favorite?

hideeni outfits in pet society

Halloween Candy from Hideeni

hideeni halloween candy

Hideeni has changed costumes once more, just in time for Halloween. He looks like a pumpkin—but we’re not sure why he’s a pink one. Do Pet Societyholics really adore pink that much???

Here’s the candy he’s giving out, according to the official Pet Society blog. If you manage to collect all the candies, you get a pumpkin mask so you and Hideeni can play like long lost twins. I think my favorite piece is last one, the Halloween Swirl. It reminds me of my pet wearing the Double Buns wig. Which candy do you think is the cutest?

hideeni halloween candy

hideeni pumpkin completion reward

If you collect all the candies, you get this mask as a prize.

Thanks to Thanaphon and other Pet Society Anonymous fans for sharing their images of Halloween Hideeni. I haven’t been able to play the game lately because a) my computer is dying and b) my job is sucking the life out of me.

Hideeni in Pink Pineapple Suit

hideeni pink pineapple pet society

Hideeni has turned into a giant pineapple! He looks like he should be sipping a fruity drink and singing Copacabana.

This time, he’s giving out 15 different “Moody Fruits.” Starting this Monday, September 13, you can buy a tree to display the fruits. If you manage to collect all of them, you’ll get a pineapple mask for yourself.

hideeni moody fruits

pineapple mask from hideeni

hideeni pink pineapple pet society

How to get the Moody Fruits
New Players: You do not get a fruit when you find Hideeni. You get one when YOUR FRIENDS find Hideeni. Look for a message similar to this on your news feed and click “Claim your gift.”

hideeni moody fruits news feed

Hideeni Dance Party

Wow, the new party invitation allows you to see many pets in one room! But here’s another surprise: Hideeni can dance! Thanks to Aminisha for this awesome video:

Hideeni Eaten by Octopus

hideeni in octopus suit

Poor Hideeni! He looks like he was eaten by an octopus!
Hideenipus is giving out an array of seashells. Good luck in finding them all.

hideeni in octopus suit

hideeni shells

Hideeni celebrates World Cup

hideeni world cup

Hideeni’s got a sporty new look in honor of the World Cup. He looks so cute, but I just want to kick him!

He’s giving out 15 flags from around the globe. What’s really interesting is that Playfish is going to be watching the World Cup matches closely and offering the flags as long as the teams remain in the competition. (I’m a bit mystified why all 32 nations in the World Cup weren’t included in this group of flags—South Korea, for example isn’t represented. I guess Playfish doesn’t have much confidence in the Red Devils.)

Which nation will be the last one standing? We’ll find out in about a month. The World Cup goes from June 11-July 11.


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