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Free Tree Home for Squirrels

homeless squirrels in pet society

Finally, the homeless squirrels outside my house will have a place to call home. Log into Pet Society this Saturday, April 9, 2011, and the Mayor will give you a free tree home. Here’s the message my pet Sushi got from the Mayor today:
free tree home in pet society

Here’s what the tree home looks like. This one was built by Sushi’s friend Lulu. The little squirrel on the branch comes and goes.

squirrel tree home in pet society

I love how Lulu decorated the walkway with two rows of flowers. Pretty, huh?


Playfish and Mercy Corps help Japan

There’s now a link at the bottom of the game that takes you to the Mercy Corps website to donate to the victims of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami.

As of this writing, over $4,000 have been raised. People are also speculating that the updates on Thursday March 17 will feature special items to help Japan.

In case you’re worried that your donation isn’t really going to the people in need, the Charity Navigator has some good tips about contributing to charities. Mercy Corps is part of their approved list of organizations that are ready to help Japan.

What about Japan?

pet society charity WWF

Hi Folks! Sorry I’ve been gone so long… as I’ve said before, I’ve been spending more time on my work and my other writing projects. But today, I logged into Pet Society, thinking that there might be some tribute to Japan… and I was a bit surprised that there wasn’t anything in the game that asked for donations for the earthquake and tsunami victims. Considering how much the PS artists and developers are enamored with Japan, I would have thought they’d put a donation feature together. But the World Wildlife Fund remains the charity of choice in the game. Maybe by next week Playfish will do something special for Japan?

If you’re interested in helping, here’s a list compiled by the Huffington Post of what you can do.

In the meantime, I’m loving some of the cute new items. Of course, since I’ve been away for a while, a lot of things that you might think are so last week look fresh to me. Here are my top two items:

rosebush in pet society
One of my favorite activities in Pet Society is gardening. This is because I have a black thumb in real life: I’ve killed every plant I’ve ever owned, so it’s a treat to see beautiful trees and flowers in my pet’s yard. I can’t wait to see how many different colors this rose bush will offer.

bunny food in pet society

OMG, how cute are these? But how much cuter would it be if we could produce bunny-shaped poos???

Valentine’s Poo in Pet Society

Ah, Valentine’s Day—the holiday loved by florists and greeting card companies, and dreaded by every boyfriend-less or unhappily married woman in America. 

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Milagros, the writer of Tipsy’s World, another PS blog, urged me to update my site.  We are impressed by Pet Society’s new Valentine’s Day poo and its charming gold and red hearts that float above it.  

It joins the game’s more sophisticated collection of poo, including the last two releases of Petmas poo and Sparkly Pink poo. Remember when poo was just a dark little lump?  

But we have to laugh at the joke.  Is Valentine’s Day about loving or dumping?  Or both?

Sparkly Pink Poo in Pet Society

sparkly pink poo in pet society

Pink Poo!!! It’s so pretty, we can stare at it all day. Thank you to Jennifer and Snowball for giving me this sparkly gift!

But be careful! Whatever you do, do not click on the pink poo unless you have your chest open. I stupidly forgot this, and poof, it was gone! No more pink poo for me!

lost pink poo in pet society

Arggh!!!! I can’t believe I forgot the golden rule of Pet Society poo: Never, ever touch the poo unless you’re moving it into your storage. The only positive thing about this is that it gives me new reason to play the game and blog about it.

I know it’s been a while. Here are my reasons for not blogging as often as some of you would like me to:

  • Work
  • Trying to write more literary fiction (CHECK OUT MY BOOK!)
  • Work
  • Work
  • Did I mention work?

Yeah, my job has become intense lately. I used to be able to come into my office, shut the door, and do all kinds of personal sh*t—E-mail, Facebook, Zappos. Now, it’s just work, work, work. I know, I had it easy for a while, and now I guess it’s payback time. 😦 It’s past 8 p.m. right now, and I’m still at the office. But I just logged in for a few minutes and was really excited to see the new goodies. Thank you, Pet Society, for giving us pink poo and putting a little smile on my face again. 🙂

More Pet Society Halloween Scenes

graveyard digging in Pet Society

Here are the spookiest scenes from our favorite game. Thanks to everyone on the Pet Society Anonymous fan page for contributing their pictures.

glowing eyes potion in pet society

To get this ghoulish effect, try blue eyes with the glowing eyes potion and turn the lights off. Freeeeaky!

Halloween slimy fish in pet society
Rikke gets credit for posting this eerie image weeks ago, before most of the Halloween clothing went on sale. Good improvisation with the spiky red wig!

halloween in pet society

My pet Sushi recently stumbled into this haunted house. We’re impressed by how Jonde combined old and new items and even transformed a lucky shamrock into something spooky. It’s good luck turned bad! Happy Halloween!

Zombie Parties in Pet Society

zombie party in Pet society

Sushi just attended a zombie party, a new feature in Pet Society where all the pets walk around with their eyes closed and mouths agape. Too cute!

The party was hosted by Patrizia’s pet, Marilyn. At some point, one or two pets randomly woke up, while the others continued to be in the zombie state. It was a weird and fun experience—and luckily, Sushi made it out alive.

zombie party in pet society

zombie party in pet society

The zombie party invites are available at the Pet Society Market and Boutique. Hosting your own party costs 15 Playfish Cash. Or, you can ask friends to help build the invitation for free. If you go that route, your friends will have to check out their Facebook Requests section.

Requests for Free Items
Pet Society recently changed the way some free items are exchanged. You can now find the items directly in the game, without having to check your Facebook requests. Yay!!! However, the Zombie Party invite is still within the old system of Facebook requests. Boo!!! Your friends will have to respond within the requests in order for you to get the item.

As you can see, I have 225 requests. I tend to ignore these because they take me away from the game and other fun features of Facebook. My requests are also cluttered with tiresome invitations to groups like Make Me Change My Name to Spiderman or I prefer Internet smileys without the nose. If you want the free zombie invite, you may need to send a separate message to your friends asking them to pay special attention to these requests.

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