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Princess or Punk in Pet Society?

princess or punk in pet society

We think it’s funny that Punk Week is following Royal Wedding week in Pet Society. It makes us wonder, would you rather be a princess or a punk? Let’s compare:

  • If you’re a princess, you would wear a crown.
  • If you’re a punk, you could wear crazy red or blue wigs.
  • A princess would be busy visiting other state officials.


  • A punk would be busy partying late into the night.


  • A princess would inherit the wealth of the king.
    king in pet society


  • A punk might have to sell his favorite things for money.
    punk in pet society


  • A princess would be surrounded by body guards.
    guard in pet society


  • A punk might be surrounded by poor friends who are hungry.


  • Then again, if you’re a princess, it may be your responsibility to feed those who are hungry.
    princess in pet society


  • If you’re a princess, you may never be alone. Yet, sometimes, you might feel very alone, because no one else can relate.

princess in pet society

So what would you prefer to be? Princess or punk?


Playfish and Mercy Corps help Japan

There’s now a link at the bottom of the game that takes you to the Mercy Corps website to donate to the victims of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami.

As of this writing, over $4,000 have been raised. People are also speculating that the updates on Thursday March 17 will feature special items to help Japan.

In case you’re worried that your donation isn’t really going to the people in need, the Charity Navigator has some good tips about contributing to charities. Mercy Corps is part of their approved list of organizations that are ready to help Japan.

Pet Society Pics – Meet the Mayor

dancing mayor in pet society

Meet the mayor! Playfish recently made the Mayor a more active part of the game.

Your pet can now chill out with the mayor:
mayor in pet society

Your pet can talk with the mayor. (Is it me, or does this question sound dirty?)
mayor in pet society

Your pet and the mayor can reminisce about the good old days of Pet Society.
mayor in pet society

Your pet might even be able to sleep with the mayor!
mayor in pet society

Julianne says that her pet Esque recently visited the Mayor for the first time. Imagine her surprise when he immediately hopped into bed and threw money at her! Esque excused herself and made a quick getaway—but not before paparazzi snapped this incriminating photo!

Thanks to all who contributed pictures. I haven’t been able to meet the mayor myself because the game has been running too slow for me. šŸ˜¦ But I’m happy to post cool pictures from PSA fans!

The First Sting

pet society bees

Bees, it’s nothing personal, but you are kind of scary. You’re cute from afar, but up close, your fuzzy body looks like velcro and your stinger is like a hot knife.

The first time I ever got stung by a bee was when I was 12. I was at a swimming pool, playing Marco Polo with my friends when a bee landed on my finger. Before I knew it, it wedged its weapon into me. It felt like an electric shock… for hours.

The bee itself went to the side of the pool and died. According to Wikipedia, “when a honey bee stings a person, it cannot pull the barbed stinger back out. It leaves behind not only the stinger, but also part of its abdomen, and its digestive tract, plus muscles and nerves. This massive abdominal rupture is what kills the honey bee.” Blecch!

Buy Directly from Friend’s Rooms in Pet Society

buy directly from friend's room in pet society

Wish you had a house as cool as your friend’s? Well, now you can keep up with Pet Society’s latest feature, which allows you to shop directly from a friend’s house.

Just click on the new shopping cart button on the left and all the items that are available to buy will be outlined. Items that are not available will be shaded. Note, if you buy an item, it doesn’t mean that your friend will lose it from her house. The feature ultimately saves you a trip to the stores.

When you click on the “Buy Directly” button, your pet and your friend’s pet will disappear from the scene. Click on the button again and presto, your pets will return.

I think this is a really interesting feature, and I wish something like this existed on my iPhone. Sometimes, when I’m out on the town and see a woman wearing a cool outfit, I want to know where she got it, but I may not have the opportunity to ask. If I could just hold up my phone, take a picture of her outfit and see exactly where she got it, who made it, and how much it cost, that would be very cool indeed.

buy directly from friend's rooms in pet society

Eyesores App on Facebook

eyesores app on facebook

I recently found this neat application on Facebook. Eyesores offers pictures of funny looking creatures that manage to be cute and ugly at the same time. You can send these little monsters to a friend with a message, or post them to your Facebook wall. The pictures were created by Xavier Gallego, a Barcelona artist living in New York. Most images are free, but some cost a number of “Poops,” which are reasonably priced. (I wonder if Gallego knows about Pet Society poo.)

eyesores on facebook

Huge Park Mascot – Cute or Creepy?

park mascot in pet society

Can you believe how big this guy is? He’s a Park Mascot who comes in the Fun Park Mystery Eggs for 600 coins. My pet Sushi and I like the balloons he’s holding–they bob up and down–but we’re daunted by his size.

This led me to do a little research on park mascots. Turns out some people have a real fear of them. On, I found several interesting comments:

“…People dressed as big characters or animals are just really freaky. I have thought that they were since I was little, and I’m not really sure why. If I see one I get all scared and just try not to look at them, but I still know they’re there and it’s horrible. I’m 15 now and it was so embarrasing on the school trip to Disneyland, because I couldn’t tell anybody and I insisted that we took the longer routes around to avoid those creepy things! It’s their faces, they’re so scary! And they don’t speak either, that’s creepy too.”

Here’s another comment on the same forum:

“I have many phobias, but the most prevalent is my fear of costumed characters. You know, like Chuck E. Cheese. To me, going to Disney World is like going to hell.”

All of this makes me wonder if something that’s bigger than yourself goes against the essence of being cute. Check out this article on Ars Technica about scientists studying why some things are considered cute. Basically, it boils down to our evolutionary love of babies. If something resembles a baby in any way, we are programmed to think of it as cute:

“Scientists who study the evolution of visual signaling have identified a wide and still expanding assortment of features and behaviors that make something look cute: bright forward-facing eyes set low on a big round face, a pair of big round ears, floppy limbs and a side-to-side, teeter-totter gait, among many others.

Cute cues are those that indicate extreme youth, vulnerability, harmlessness and need.”

The Park Mascot in Pet Society has a friendly face, but it’s too large and imposing. It doesn’t fit these definitions of cute. I think if it were smaller than my pet, it would have a much better chance at being cute. What do you think?

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