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Dig in Ancient Egypt in Pet Society

Ancient Egypt in Pet Society

Here’s your chance to release your inner Indiana Jones. With Ancient Egypt added to the Treasure Hunting feature, your pet can be an archaelogist digging up Cleopatra’s glossy black wig or the mighty Sphinx. Here’s one pet working hard in the desert:

egyptian dig in pet society

Kudos to Mia, who found all the Egyptian items. We love how the eyes of the Sphinx follow you around!

egyptian items in pet society


Pet Society Enchanted Forest

pet society enchanted forest

This gorgeous scene comes from Ivy, who says that she loves digging in Pet Society’s Enchanted Forest. She’s finished getting the Enchanted Fountain and a pair of pink wings. She reports that the fountain sparkles and that the wings can flap. We think the wings, white dress and dyed Anime wig make a stunning combo.

Below are some more Enchanted Forest items from my own digs: the Hot Air Balloon, Mushrooms (the ones on the right), and Pixie Forest floor. After I saw that most of these items were in shades of pink and purple, I made a special psychedelic room for everything that I owned in these colors.

pet society enchanted forest

The Romantic Pixie wig, Pixie dress, and Pixie shoes are also from the Enchanted Forest. I know that they look awful on Sushi, but sometimes I like to torture him with these ridiculous outfits. It’s not easy being a model!

Dig for Treasure in Pet Society

digging for treasure in pet society

Sushi’s mama loves getting free stuff, so she was very pleased with Pet Society’s latest feature—the Treasure Hunt.

The Treasure hunt arms you with a pair of shovels and a chance to find some new items—such as a forest aquarium or a dinosaur skeleton—that aren’t available anywhere else in Pet Society.

Mama went to work right away. She dug and dug, and got messages that said, “Treasure Nearby,” or “Treasure Very Close!”

treasure hunt in pet society

This reminded her of the Hot-and-Cold game she used to play with Sushi when he was a kid. She would hide something and Sushi would try to find it. When Sushi got close to the item, she’d call out, “You’re getting warm!” When he was far away, she’d shout, “Cold! Ice cold!”

Those were good times. But Sushi is old and out of the house now. He hardly ever calls her, and is doing God-knows-what, the good-for-nothing ingrate.

Anyhow, getting back to the Treasure Hunt, to start digging for your own treasure, click on the icon at the bottom of your home screen:
treasure hunt pet society

Make your way over to the Town Forest:
where to hunt for treasure pet society

You’ll get two shovels and several shots at digging for goodies. Sushi’s mama hit pay dirt with a summer couch. But then she ran out of shovels and the game asked her to buy more.

shovels for treasure hunt in pet society

Mama thought this sign said 3,000 coins, and said, “No way, José!” (Actually, she said, “No fu*king way,” but since some children read this blog, we censored her.)

Only later did Sushi’s mama realize that the additional shovels cost only 300 coins.

Still, she is done digging for the day. She set up her new summer couch and is patiently waiting for her son to come and visit.

summer couch treasure hunt in pet society

Verdict: Overall, we really like the new Treasure Hunt feature, and give it 4.5 out of 5 paws. Unlike some of the more recent free gift-giving options, this doesn’t take us away from the game. Also, some of the items are down-right impressive. (See the huge dinosaur fossil below.) The Treasure Hunt is also a nice substitute for fishing, which as our last post showed, is practically dead.

Dinosaur skeleton Treasure Hunt in Pet Society

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