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Big Pet, Little Car

pet in car

pet in car

pet in car, pet society

Real-life Pet Society moment: The first two pictures were taken in my neighborhood in Seattle. There’s a guy who lives in a pink house, who always has comical displays in his front yard. I’m not sure if he plays Pet Society, but I bet he’d like it, because he tries to turn his real world into a cartoon.

The last picture is from my Pet Society neighborhood, where MK has created a delightful camping-on-the-beach scene. Looks like her pet is having a blast!


Bunny races resemble Pet Society

bunny racing, bunny hop

It’s Pet Society come to life! Real bunnies are being trained to race and jump hurdles. According to the MailOnline, this sport, which started in Sweden, is becoming a growing trend in Europe, US, Canada and Japan.

Thanks to Jacel for the tip! We think these are some funny bunnies!

pet society race

bunny race

To see the full story on bunny races, visit MailOnline.

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