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Surprise Door in Pet Society

Playfish sure knows how to sell things. Just add the words “BIG” and “surprise” to an item, and Pet Societyholics won’t be able to resist.

What could the surprise be? An extra room? A portal to a fantasy world? Whatever it was, it was gonna be good, I was sure. I forked over the 5000 coins and put the door in Sushi’s kitchen. We had to take out the refrigerator to make space for it.

Here’s what the surprise turned out to be:

surprise door in pet society

A giant dog! It’s huge, like a monster—a really cute and gentle monster.

But wait a minute! We’ve already seen this in the advertisement at the shop. (See the first picture again.) So, really, it’s not a BIG surprise, just a little one. Yet, we’re delighted by it. Here is the dog with its eyes closed. Awww…

P.S. Please excuse the flies surrounding Sushi. He hasn’t dumped in a long time—it’s been nearly a year! So I’ve been letting him get dirty and feeding him lots of fiber.


Paw Paw Revolution Dance Arcade

paw paw dance revolution in pet society

My Facebook newsfeed has been flooded by friends’ requests for the Paw Paw Revolution Dance Arcade in Pet Society. This item is obviously a tribute to Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), a late-90s sensation that started in Japan, and is now incorporated as part of physical education programs in West Virginia schools.

The Paw Paw Revolution Dance Arcade costs 26 PCs (too much for me) or 18 clicks from friends. Petsocietyholics who have it report that the machine has blinking lights and starts out slow, and then gets faster, just like the real DDR. It’s also much more interactive than the other retro machines in Pet Society, such as the Fighting Arcade.

Here are two pets getting their groove on. Super cute!

paw paw revolution dance arcade in pet society

Retro Arcade Games in Pet Society

tetris in pet society

That’s right, your pet can now be addicted to Tetris, or “Falling Blocks” as Pet Society is calling it. This arcade game-within-the-game is a limited edition item that will be sold only on Tuesday September 7. The price is steep at 8000 coins. Are you gonna shell out?

I bought the cheaper Fighting Arcade game, which is available all week for 900 coins. When you click on it, the little pets in the screen pounce on each other. It’s kinda cute, I guess.

It’s a little weird to have our imaginary pets become video game addicts, but I guess it’s really no more weird than dressing them up and giving them shaggy wigs.

fighter arcade game in pet society

arcade games in pet society

Talking Mirror in Pet Society

Sushi, depressed and dirty.

My pet Sushi has been depressed lately. He hasn’t eaten much or changed clothes in weeks. To cheer him up, I did what many parents do: buy expensive sh*t. I plunked down Playfish Cash and bought him the Enchanted Mirror. Like the mirror in Snow White, this one talks back to you.

Sometimes, the mirror compliments you:

Enchanted Mirror in Pet Society.

Sometimes, it asks questions:
enchanted mirror in pet society

Sometimes, it sounds like a demanding girlfriend:
enchanted mirror in pet society

Sometimes, it tries to sound like Humphrey Bogart:

Sometimes, it tries to interest you in other cash items:
enchanted mirror in pet society

Best of all, it lies to you, when you need it:

enchanted mirror in pet society


enchanted mirror in pet society


Overall, we’re not in love with the mirror, but we like that it’s trying to cheer us up.

Hipster Hair in Pet Society

asymmetrical wig in pet society
I’m in London this week and I’ve noticed a lot of hipster types with razor cut hair that falls over one eye. So how fun it is to see the Asymmetrical Wig in Pet Society! This wig, sold in the Clothing Shop for 1300 coins, is so cute on some pets, we have to give it 5 paws out of 5. We love how it’s unisex and makes our pets look like Adam Lambert or Rhianna.

lambert rhianna

We also dig the two new dyes at the Hair Stylist, in shades of plum red and dark purple. To change the color, remember to wear the wig when you go to the stylist. You must have at least 2 Playfish cash in order to preview the color. Then click on the dye that you want for instant celebrity hair.

Squeeze into the Pet Society Cars

car in pet society

We love Minis and Smart Cars in the real world, but the new cars in Pet Society are like a pair of painfully tight jeans. Pets can barely squeeze into them.

We knew that the cars would be glorified chairs from the start, so we didn’t expect them to move. But considering the high price tag (9000 coins for the red model), we expected at the very least to sit in them comfortably. Not so. Other readers have been disappointed that pets can’t turn the steering wheel.

We give the cars 2 1/2 paws out of 5. They look good in a scene, but not with us in them. Our smaller petlings, however, are ready to cruise.

Still, if you want a car for yourself, head over to the Garden Store where they are sold.

car and petling in pet society

Review of Mother’s Day Spa

The following story is by George, whose pet Jesse recently pampered himself at the spa.

mother's day spa in pet society

mother's day spa in pet society

mother's day spa in pet society

dragon boat in pet society

mother's day spa in pet society glows very nicely

japanese hot springs in pet society

mermaid lagoon in pet society

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