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Easter-themed Poos in Pet Society

easter poos in pet society

Noemi’s pet Luna has been working hard to squeeze out the new Easter-themed poos! The yellow duckling, carrot cake, and creamy egg poos look good enough to eat. Which one’s your favorite?


Thank you to Snowball for giving Sushi his own set of the new poo! We love ’em!


Valentine’s Poo in Pet Society

Ah, Valentine’s Day—the holiday loved by florists and greeting card companies, and dreaded by every boyfriend-less or unhappily married woman in America. 

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Milagros, the writer of Tipsy’s World, another PS blog, urged me to update my site.  We are impressed by Pet Society’s new Valentine’s Day poo and its charming gold and red hearts that float above it.  

It joins the game’s more sophisticated collection of poo, including the last two releases of Petmas poo and Sparkly Pink poo. Remember when poo was just a dark little lump?  

But we have to laugh at the joke.  Is Valentine’s Day about loving or dumping?  Or both?

Sparkly Pink Poo in Pet Society

sparkly pink poo in pet society

Pink Poo!!! It’s so pretty, we can stare at it all day. Thank you to Jennifer and Snowball for giving me this sparkly gift!

But be careful! Whatever you do, do not click on the pink poo unless you have your chest open. I stupidly forgot this, and poof, it was gone! No more pink poo for me!

lost pink poo in pet society

Arggh!!!! I can’t believe I forgot the golden rule of Pet Society poo: Never, ever touch the poo unless you’re moving it into your storage. The only positive thing about this is that it gives me new reason to play the game and blog about it.

I know it’s been a while. Here are my reasons for not blogging as often as some of you would like me to:

  • Work
  • Trying to write more literary fiction (CHECK OUT MY BOOK!)
  • Work
  • Work
  • Did I mention work?

Yeah, my job has become intense lately. I used to be able to come into my office, shut the door, and do all kinds of personal sh*t—E-mail, Facebook, Zappos. Now, it’s just work, work, work. I know, I had it easy for a while, and now I guess it’s payback time. 😦 It’s past 8 p.m. right now, and I’m still at the office. But I just logged in for a few minutes and was really excited to see the new goodies. Thank you, Pet Society, for giving us pink poo and putting a little smile on my face again. 🙂

The Joy of Pet Society Poo

Pet Society poo

Many of you have been wondering if pets can still poo since Playfish made numerous updates to the game earlier this year. Here’s the answer: Yes, we can! The way to relief is still the same: Be full and dirty. And stay at home, because like some people, your pet needs the comfort of his own house to drop a load. If you need more tips, see my guide, Pooing for Dummies in Pet Society.

Poo Reunion

Thanks to my friend Santiago, I am reunited with my rainbow poo. Thank you! Muchos gracias! If anyone else is thinking about sending me any special poo, please keep it for yourself!




Arrrgh! I lost my last rainbow poo

OK, the title says it all. I lost my last rainbow poo. I did something that I’ve been telling so many people not to do: I accidentally clicked on the poo while not having my chest open. Instantly, it was cashed in for 1 coin. Arrrgh!!!


How did this happen? Ironically, I was trying to make a scene for this blog, about how people are so angry by the disappearance of their extra golden and rainbow poo. Pet Society allows 3 golden poos and only 1 rainbow. The way some people have been reacting, you’d think that their babies had been kidnapped.

So I wanted to make a scene with Sushi pushing a stroller with the rainbow poo in it. I even bought a stupid baby cart just to make the picture. And then, as I was trying to put the poo into the cart (which wasn’t possible, by the way), the thing just disappeared! Waaaah!!!

The only thing that gives me comfort is visiting the original Rainbow Girl, the girl who first got the rainbow poo back in March 2009. It’s genuine, it’s real, and unfortunately, it’s NOT mine. Waaaah!!!

Tips for Taking Care of Your Special Poo

  • Make sure your chest is open before touching the rainbow or golden poo.
  • Don’t fall asleep on the job!
  • Don’t move around the special poo unless you really have to.


Rainbow Poo Police


Uh-oh, the Pet Society Police has caught up to the Rainbow Poo Hack. Today, when I logged into the game, I found this note.

Aww, shoot! Last week, I had a whole bunch of rainbow poo which I gave out to friends. I had one left for myself, and one reserved in my chest. I was thinking of holding a contest where the prize would be the last extra poo. Sigh.

On the bright side, I’m glad to see that Playfish is doing something to fight the growing number of hacks. (Finally.) For a while, I was thinking that you could get away with cheating. Not so in this case.

The Poo Police is also cracking down on Golden Poo. You can have a maximum of three golden poos. (For rainbow poo, only one.)


Naturally, many people are angry about this. As one person complains in the Pet Society forum, “I paid a lot for them. This is unfair. RETURN MY 4999SSSSSSS.”

Hmm. I feel this girl’s pain. She herself didn’t cheat. But buying rainbow poo from a cheater is like buying stolen merchandise from the back of someone’s car. Or buying pirated software from E-Bay for $79 when it should have been more like $790. I tried to do this once and I was burned. The seller on E-Bay took my $79 and never sent me any software. I had to harass him for 8 weeks before I got my money back. But, I’m digressing. Moral of the story: Don’t cheat, and don’t buy the products of a cheat. If you’re still going to buy stolen goods, at least beware that Playfish might take them away at some point.

Keep the game pure. Keep it fair. Happy pooing playing!

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