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Are you a petling hoarder?

We’ve all heard of the Crazy Cat Lady with dozens of cats running around her house. Pet hoarding is a fairly common condition that makes for bizarre news stories. One of the worst cases involves a woman in D.C. who had 488 cats. (!) Sadly, many of them were dead and rotting in Rubbermaid containers. (!!!)

Thankfully, Pet Society poses a limit on the number of animals you can keep. As Tabitha, a petling lover has found, you can’t have more than 10. She sends in the images below of her pet Nala and her brood. I asked her why she has so many petlings, and she replied it was mostly due to curiosity about how each petling would turn out. “Initially, I just wanted to find a petling that looked like my pet,” she says.

Petlings can be expensive, and Tabitha says she spends more than 2500 coins a week to feed all her little ones. As you can see, none of them are begging for food, and they look happy in their spacious home. Blanche (#2) and Misty (#4) are her favorites, but she will probably get rid of the pink petlings (#7, #8) because she does not like pink animals. Tabitha is not a pet hoarder in real life. She has only two birds.

How about you? How many petlings do you have? Do you take good care of them?

petlings in pet society


The Incredible Shrinking Petling – Continued

After I posted the story yesterday about the shrinking petlings, one reader, Sarah reported that her petling is so small now that it’s about the size of her pet’s eye. She’s not kidding!

This is even smaller than the petling after its first feeding. We wonder if the shrinkage has something to do with the new option for the trees, because it looks like the petlings have been bonsai’d!

While some players are in no hurry for the petlings to grow back, others are worried that their little ones will disappear altogether. The miniature petlings are apparently on the Rachel Zoe diet as they’ve stopped asking for food completely.

Shrunken Petlings in Pet Society

shrunken petling in pet society

“HELP! My cat shrank!” writes Pauline. She says that her petling used to be full-sized, but all of a sudden, it turned tiny. Several others have reported the same phenomenon. Pet Society has been going through a lot of updates lately, so perhaps this bug is a byproduct. Hopefully, Playfish will fix this soon, but in the meantime, enjoy the petlings while they’re small, because like kids, they’ll grow up before you know it.

Here’s a chart of the way the petlings are supposed to grow over time:

Friends’ Petlings Can’t Find Food

Are you having trouble feeding your petlings? You’re not alone. Many Pet Society players are having problems feeding the little critters. Sometimes, the food is consumed by the bigger pet. When this happens, click open your chest immediately. Your pet will stop eating mid-way and you can save the food.

The Right Way to Feed Your Petling
A sure way to feed your petling is to WAIT until it begs for food. Reserve some proper petling food in your storage. When the petling asks for an item in a thought bubble, place the food right on top of the bubble or above its head. The petling should then consume the food.

You Can’t Feed Your Friends’ Petlings
While it’s difficult to feed your own petlings, it’s impossible to feed your friends’ petlings. Here’s Sushi visiting his friend Barksha and her two little tigers. (The tiger petlings cost 25 Playfish coins at the Garden and Cash Shops.)

hungry tiger petlings

Aren’t they cute? I almost felt like I was visiting Sigfried & Roy. Being a good neighbor, I offered them a piece of chicken. But the petlings acted as if the food wasn’t there. And now, they’re in danger of running away.

The whole dissatisfying experience reminded me of the time when my pet failed to take out burning food from a stove. How can our pets be good neighbors to one another if we can’t help our friends in times of need?

hungry tiger petlings

Pet Society Product Test Drives: Motorbike & Petling Bed

Are you overwhelmed by the dozens of items coming out each week? Do you get lost in the Pet Society shops? If you like to make informed purchases, check out the product test-drives here before spending all your coins. Starting this week, this blog will offer reviews of some of the latest items in Pet Society.

Futuristic Motorbike
The Futuristic Motorbike came out on February 15 at the Gadget Shop for a whopping 2200 coins. Despite the high price tag, I was excited by it, because I expected it to move. It doesn’t. Your pet can sit on it, and that’s about it.

Verdict: The Futuristic Motorbike gets 2 1/2 paws, because it’s nothing but a glorified chair.

Petling Beds
I’ve been loving the petlings since they were released on Feb 1, and now they have a proper place to sleep. Two versions of petling beds are available at the Garden Shop. I test-drove the more affordable one at 800 coins.

I was skeptical about how the beds would work since the petlings jump around so much. When they are hungry, they run and turn somersaults, and don’t ever seem to rest. But when they’re full, they will perform random movements, including jumping, scratching themselves, and sleeping. They don’t always want to be in the bed, but when they do, it’s a picture-perfect moment.

Verdict: Cute overload! This gets a rating of 4 out of 5 paws.

Your Reviews
Do you have an opinion about a new item? Share your thoughts and help out other Pet Society players! Send a picture of your pet using the item to or attach the picture on the PSA fan page. Tell us why it’s good or bad, and rate the item between 1-5 paws. 1 = Awful. 5 = Excellent. The best product reviews will appear here and on AOL Be sure to include the name of your pet.

Ugly Petlings Get Dyed

I’ve decided to give biscuits to all four finalists of the Ugly Petling contest, because my last post about them may have been unfair. The petlings were paired with pics of real animals. While the comparisons were interesting, the real photos may have influenced people as they cast their votes.

My whole point was that it’s hard to define what is an ugly petling when they’re all kind of cute in their own way. Pet Society is driven by cute. The pets are cute, the toys, the houses, even the piles of poo are cute. So how could the petlings not be cute too? They’re all designed to make us go “Awwww.”

Still, I’ve given out the petling biscuits to the finalists in the colors they wanted.

  • Julie didn’t like the black fur and yellow eyes of her cat. The petling biscuit can’t do anything about the eyes, but they look less prominent against gray fur.


  • Annie went against the crowd and wanted a blue petling biscuit. As you can see, blue is a definite theme in her household, and her big pet is aptly named “Sky.” (We don’t have the after pic as Annie hasn’t fed the biscuit to her petling yet.)


  • Hrefna’s petling Poppy won the vote earlier this week by a overwhelming margin. She got 62% of the votes, while the other three petlings got 10%-14%. She wanted the dark brown biscuit, but the last time I checked, Poppy was still blue.


  • Last but not least is Nik’s pink cat with yellow-orange eyes. It was actually Nik’s comment on the Pet Society Anonymous fan page that gave me the idea for a contest. He wrote, “I bet I have the ugliest petling.” Short and simple, the comment intrigued me. I wanted to see for myself how ugly his petling was. I was expecting something horrific. Something blinding. Yet, after this picture was posted, many people said that the pink cat was cute. Nik hasn’t responded to my email about which petling biscuit he wants. Perhaps he’s decided his petling isn’t so ugly after all.

Find Petling, Get 200 coins

Playfish really seems to have answered players’ requests by making it easier to make money in Pet Society. This latest lost-and-find feature yields 200 coins and makes activities like racing seem pointless.

Go to your newsfeed and look for a message like this:

Be the first to click on the link, and you’ll receive a bag of dough. I recently found two pets so Sushi got a double reward!

Not only is this good for you, but it’s good for other friends. Publish the news that you found the petling, and your friends will get another link that will give them a chance to claim 20 coins:

However, there seems to be a bug in the system. While there’s plenty of coins being passed around, it’s not certain that the petlings are being returned.

I actually have been testing the petling feature in my second account. (Yes, I have a second account; I made it a few months ago specifically to do pet make-overs.) After my petlings George Clooney and Paris Hilton ran away, I went into my first account, “found” them and got 200 coins for each petling. Then I went back to the second account, expecting to see the petlings again. However, I continued to get this message:

I’m not quite sure what happened. Was Pet Society or Facebook confused because I was switching from one account to another? I republished the lost petling message. Then went back to the first account and repeated all the steps. I got the bags of coins again, but this time, I spent it right away in case the money wasn’t being registered in the game.

I went back to the second account. Still no petlings, even though Sushi had found them twice. I’m not complaining, since this is a great source of income for Sushi, but it would be good to know if others have been able to get their petlings back without paying the penalty fee.

What is your experience with this? Have you lost your petlings and have other people been able to find them for you?

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