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Dig out a Kitty in Pet Society

pet society happy kitty plushie

There’s a new item buried in the Town Forest in Pet Society—the Happy Kitty Plushie. Can you dig it out? Sushi’s Mama tried to find the kitty, even going against her usual penny-pinching nature and buying an extra 5 shovels for 300 coins. But no luck today!

Despite the fact that we didn’t find the kitty, we still like the Treasure Hunt feature. Our favorite part of it is actually the beginning. We like the map and how you can zoom into the forest. Who knew that the pets were living on an island?!

lost in pet society

This might explain some of the stranger things that go on in this game. Like how Mama sometimes sees a large sleeping bear when she digs.

bear in pet society treasure hunt

The bear appears randomly, in a different spot of the forest. And sometimes, it’s not there at all. We think Mama can get so close to the bear because they’re so alike!

bear in pet society treasure hunt


Pet Society Phone Accessories

This cute phone accessory allows Dian to carry her pet everywhere she goes! Dian, a Pet Society fan from Indonesia, says that it took her a couple of hours to trace her pet, make the pattern in felt fabric and glue and sew it altogether. I think this is a great idea, because not only does it make the phone look unique, it’s also practical: The pet makes it easier to find the phone in the bottom of a handbag.

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