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Bubbles Everywhere!

bubblesSushi got a fun surprise today. He washed himself with his Golden Star Soap and all of a sudden, a bunch of blue bubbles erupted like a geyser.

The bubbles floated to the ceiling and continued to move like a train. They disappeared once Sushi left the room.

Sushi recently earned the Golden Star Soap after reaching level 30, but a reader at level 27 reports that her blue soap produces the same effect.

Some people think that the bubbles are a glitch or a bug in the game, but they’re so fun that I think they might be a new feature.* However, Pet Society’s official blog hasn’t said anything about it yet.

Try it out and let me know what you see!


update * Update October 9, 2009 – Just logged in a day after writing that post and found that the bubbles are no more! I guess the readers who thought they were just a bug in the game were right. Too bad! The bubbles were fun.


Showers in Pet Society

December 16 was a watershed day; that was when the showers were turned on in Pet Society land. Pets are now enjoying the simple pleasure of a shower, and the P.S. forum is filled with joyful cries and images. If you don’t have a shower already, do not fear. You can visit a friend and have a wash there. Here’s Sushi doing the rub-a-dub at his pal Zoe’s home:

Sushi taking a shower at friend's place

Sushi taking a shower at friend's place

What’s interesting is that the shower doesn’t affect one’s cleanliness level. So it’s possible to still have flies buzzing around you and make a poo right after your wash. (Update – May 2009: showers now increase cleanliness level.)

What’s really cool is that pets can shower together. A friend just caught her husband’s pet showering with mine. Proof that our pets are gay! See the pics

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