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Is Pet Love Back in Pet Society?

pets sleeping together in pet society

“OMG! It IS possible!” says Jaynie, who spotted her pet in bed with a friend earlier this week.

I immediately went into the game and tried this with my pet Sushi, but wasn’t able to get him go to to bed with anyone. Perhaps he wants to save himself for marriage?

A bit of Pet Society history: Pets were able to sleep on a bed together back in the early days of the game. See pics. But at some point in 2009, Playfish disabled this feature, and pets could no longer be on a bed together, or even sit on a couch together. However, pets sometimes dropped to the floor and slept together.

I hope that Jaynie’s picture means that pet love is back!


Pet Society Wedding: Tutti & Mustard

pet society wedding

Congratulations to Tutti a la Rutti and Colonel Mustard, who tied the knot in Pet Society on April 5, 2010. Owned by a real life couple named Amanda and Victor, the two got engaged on Valentine’s Day. Colonel Mustard proposed to Tutti with a diamond engagement ring held in a heart-shaped box. “It was so cute! Of course, Tutti said yes,” says Amanda. Below are more pics from their wedding. We wish them the best of luck and many years of happiness together!

pet society wedding

For the full scoop on Tutti & Mustard, check out my feature story Mr. & Mrs. Pet Society: Living out relationships in Facebook games on

A Pet Society Love Story

petsocietylove1This story was written by Sonini, a Pet Society player in Greece.

Ziggy and Strawberry met in a public library years ago and had been a happy couple for a long time. Lately however, Strawberry had started complaining because she wanted marriage and children, but Ziggy, a typical lad, was not ready! They went to their favorite disco-bar but couldn’t enjoy themselves:


They went to the library where they first met, but things just weren’t the same anymore.

And lately Strawberry had been frowning a lot over Ziggy’s appalling gardening skills!

Ziggy decided that although he was still in love they should split. In order to get over Strawberry he took up exercising and fishing.


He started hanging around with friends…

and even tried dating other people.

But nothing worked…All he could think about was Strawberry…and Strawberry herself was heartbroken. She couldn’t even enjoy a shopping spree at her favorite Mystery Shop!


Then one day Ziggy finally realized that life stunk without the love of his life:


He invited Strawberry for a candle-lit dinner in Paris and nervously proposed with a big diamond ring. (Had he had knees he would have surely dropped to one knee.)


Strawberry, of course, accepted and after having a fairytale wedding at a sandy beach…

the happy couple boarded the train to their honeymoon:

and a few months later, they even had a baby to complete their dream!


Pooing and Wooing in Pet Society

I have more exciting news about poo, but first, let me address the question of golden poo. So many people are wondering how to get golden poo in Pet Society. Players in the P.S. forum report it may be random. It does not seem to be connected with levels or paw points.

Now, onto my exciting update. I visited my friend Hank’s pet Wasabi and tried to seduce him in the bedroom. He, however, had other ideas. As my pet, Sushi laid down on the bed, he squeezed out a chocolate poo! I wish I had a screenshot of that exact moment when he scrunched up his face, but I was so shocked by this effrontery that my fingers did not react in time. Then, just as I was about to leave a message about this disturbing occurrence, Wasabi pumped out another one! Jeez Louise, did this guy eat a bottle of laxatives or what?

My pet tries to seduce, but his pet just wants to poo.

My pet tries to seduce, but his pet just wants to poo.

Perhaps the game’s creators read too much Marquis de Sade, for this is getting into some really kinky territory.

But love surprises in many ways. Just as I was thinking that the romance was completely over between us, Sushi and Wasabi laid down together for a post-poo cuddle. Even with the flies buzzing around them, the moment, oh so brief, was breathtakingly beautiful. It was, dare I say, golden.

Still wondering how to get poo?
You produce golden poo in the same way as you do regular poo. For more details, see “How to Get Your Pet to Poo.”

› More on Sushi & Wasabi’s Romance

Post-poo cuddle.

Post-poo cuddle.

* All names, including pets’ names have been changed to protect the players from public embarrassment.

Pets Sleeping Together in Pet Society

One of my ex-boyfriends, whom I’ll call Hank, is a Facebook whore, with several hundred friends on his list.  So it’s no surprise that his pet is a bit of a playa. 


Even in the cutesy world of Pet Society, you could tell that Hank’s pet, Wasabi* was an alpha male.  He wore a skeleton T-shirt and a cowboy hat.  I was delighted when my pet, Sushi and Wasabi kissed and boogied in the living room. 

Wasabi and my ex-boyfriend's pet Bongo dance together

Sushi and my ex-boyfriend's pet dancing together.

Then I explored the rest of Wasabi’s house and was surprised to see a double bed with flickering candles.  It was a room made for seduction.  I laid down on the bed, and to my surprise, Wasabi laid down too!  Even though I couldn’t afford a sex change for Sushi, as he and Wasabi slept together for the next two or three seconds, I could feel my heart beating a little faster.   

As soon as it was over, I went to Facebook and wrote on my ex’s wall.  “Hey, your Wasabi is awfully cute.”  I didn’t hear back.  I shouldn’t be surprised that Hank didn’t reply.  After all, he’s got about 600 other Facebook friends to superpoke.  And while he writes for a living, communication was never really his forte with women.

Since then, Sushi has visited Wasabi every day, but I haven’t managed to get them to sleep together again.  Alas, it was just a one-night stand.

Bongo joins Wasabi on the bed.

Wasabi joins Sushi on the bed.

 * All names, including pets’ names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.



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