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Zombie Parties in Pet Society

zombie party in Pet society

Sushi just attended a zombie party, a new feature in Pet Society where all the pets walk around with their eyes closed and mouths agape. Too cute!

The party was hosted by Patrizia’s pet, Marilyn. At some point, one or two pets randomly woke up, while the others continued to be in the zombie state. It was a weird and fun experience—and luckily, Sushi made it out alive.

zombie party in pet society

zombie party in pet society

The zombie party invites are available at the Pet Society Market and Boutique. Hosting your own party costs 15 Playfish Cash. Or, you can ask friends to help build the invitation for free. If you go that route, your friends will have to check out their Facebook Requests section.

Requests for Free Items
Pet Society recently changed the way some free items are exchanged. You can now find the items directly in the game, without having to check your Facebook requests. Yay!!! However, the Zombie Party invite is still within the old system of Facebook requests. Boo!!! Your friends will have to respond within the requests in order for you to get the item.

As you can see, I have 225 requests. I tend to ignore these because they take me away from the game and other fun features of Facebook. My requests are also cluttered with tiresome invitations to groups like Make Me Change My Name to Spiderman or I prefer Internet smileys without the nose. If you want the free zombie invite, you may need to send a separate message to your friends asking them to pay special attention to these requests.


Pet Society Party!

pet society party

Sushi and Snowball hug at a Pet Society party.

Woo-hoo! We’ve been party-hopping all day, ever since Pet Society released this awesome new feature. Finally, our pets can interact in a group setting—it was getting a bit old visiting just one pet at a time.

Here are some more party pics. We especially love it when Hideeni makes an appearance and dances with us!

pet society party

Everyone loves a good clean party, especially Tizzy (pink) who brought her soap.

Dani observes that like small children, the pets need to be fed and washed before going to a party. “I scrubbed and fed many fruits to get them this clean. I think the party uses pet energy; Tizzy was way down,” she says.

Kudos to Playfish for this party feature. Here are some notes left by Sushi’s guests:

pet society party reactions

pet society party reactions

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