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100 Free Coins + Fireworks Machine

fireworks machine in pet society

Pet Society’s Facebook fan page is offering 100 free coins. It’s a scheme to get more people to “Like” Pet Society. I was intrigued by the fireworks machine, but I was only able to get the coins when I clicked on the link. No fireworks. Did I misunderstand Pet Society’s post? It said, “Click on the fireworks machine to start a fantastic firework display! Works again and again!” Doesn’t this sound like we should get the fireworks machine?

Here’s the link for 100 Free Coins:


Losing my PC virginity in Pet Society – Part 1

Are you a Playfish Cash virgin? Do you refuse to spend real money on this game? Are you the only one amongst your friends who doesn’t have a fishing glove or a secret garden?

If you’ve already given in to the temptations of cash items, do you remember your first time? What did you buy?

Heiða from Iceland was a PC virgin until last month, when three of her friends, Rakel, Viktor, and Sigurður gave her 260 Playfish cash. (By the way, don’t ask me how to pronounce that special character ð. I can only guess that it might sound like a d. I love how it looks, like there’s a dagger right through the letter.)

Heiða was excited by the gift, but she was careful not to blow it all away. So what did she buy? “I bought a socialite potion, a bear petling, a large room and a wig dye,” she said.

bear petling

Heiða's pet Raison and her bear petling in Pet Society

“I haven’t bought much cuz it’s the only Playfish Cash I’ll ever have, so I’m trying to make it last a long time. The socialite potion was a big disappointment to me and many others.” According to the Boutique, it’s supposed to cause a magical effect for seven days and allow you to earn more coins per visit. But Heiða says that it didn’t change much.

socialite potion in pet society

“My favorite item is probably the large room I turned into a bar,” she says. (Expanding a room costs 15 PCs.) “It looks so cool. Gigi Mac gave me a disco ball to put in there and it really completed the room,” Heiða says. “The bear petling is also super cute. I tried to do online research on everything I wanted. My boyfriend calls me a petaholic and I’m starting to think it’s true, seeing as I play PS more then I will ever admit,” she says.

Do you remember your first PC purchase? What did you spend the money on?

The Icelandic Bar

The Icelandic Bar by Heiða

Playfish offers 1,000 coins for E-mail Addresses

A day after announcing that applications won’t be able to send you notifications on Facebook, Playfish is trying hard to get gamers to give out their e-mail addresses. Earlier today, the company posted this notice on the Pet Society Facebook page:

A thousand coins is a nice bonus, and it sure beats running around the stadium ten times in a row or making all those tedious visits to other pets in your network. But really, how far does 1,000 coins get you in Pet Society? At the clothing store this week, you could get the following:
1 Bouffant Wig (900 coins) + 1 Groovy Pants (100 coins) = $1,000 coins. It’s not even enough for an entire outfit!

Maybe you could take advantage of the offer and then cancel out on the e-mail service after you receive your thousand coins. But if Playfish’s past offer of free fan gifts is any indication, it might be several weeks before you see the moolah. (However, we love the giant snowglobe that was delivered on Christmas!)

Personally, I’m opting out of this. Let me know if you decide to do it, what your e-mail inbox looks like afterward, and whether or not you get the coins right away.

Thanks to Andpet and Dawn for the news tip.

Make More Money in Pet Society by Cleaning

Playfish finally made it easier for pets to make more money. You can now get four 10 coins just for grooming your pet and your friends’ pets. So grab that soap or brush and give yourself a nice tip. Depending on the starting cleanliness and happiness levels, you can earn up to 140 coins per pet. This is a great new source of income for poor pets like mine.


  • You don’t get any coins if you just hand over the soap or brush to your pet.
  • You also don’t get any coins if he hops in the shower or bath.
  • Once your happiness level is full, you stop making coins for brushing.
  • Once your hygiene level is full, you stop making coins for cleaning.
  • It’s harder to poo since your hygiene level is full.

Other Changes in Pet Society:

  • You can now sell the food that you’ve cooked for more coins. (Example: Vegetable soup now garners a 2-coin profit instead of just 1. Still not exactly a way to get rich.)
  • Trees will grow fruit more often.
  • A free teddy bear if you are a Facebook fan of Playfish.

These aren’t exactly get-rich-quick schemes, but it’s nice to know that Playfish is listening to players’ requests. (At least to some of them. I’m still waiting for two pets to be able to sit together on a couch or bed.) The company may have also taken cues from Zynga’s Petville, where cleaning up after your pet is rewarded.

Become a fan of Playfish on

Playfish Cash Cards at Walgreens

walgreenHoly moley! Playfish Cash Cards are now available at Walgreens in the United States. The next time you pick up your meds, shampoo or toothpaste, you can treat yourself to either a $10 or $25 card, good for buying Playfish Cash.

This is a HUGE development for Playfish and the social games industry overall. Spending real money on an imaginary jacuzzi or a Halloween “mummy fish” will no longer be thought of as weird or fringe behavior. Clearly, you’ve arrived in mainstream, middle America when your product is displayed next to Hershey bars and cards for Target and McDonald’s.

Initial reactions by fans are positive. Despite grumblings by a few who’ve nicknamed the company “Payfish,” many gamers are rushing out to their neighborhood Walgreens, spurred by the cuteness factor of the pink and blue plastic.

Two weeks ago, I conducted a poll asking how much money you spend on Pet Society. Out of more than 1,000 respondents, 15% reported spending $20 or more each month. But a whopping 85% of you said you didn’t spend a dime. I wonder how these cards will affect those numbers in the next several months. I’m sure it’s no accident that the cards just happen to come in time for the holidays—stocking stuffers, anyone?

How Much Money Do You Spend in Pet Society?


Virtual goods is big bu$iness. According to an industry report, Playfish is expected to earn $30 million this year from their games. Ca-ching! Ca-ching! Quite impressive during a global recession.

Many people are boggled by the idea of paying for virtual goods. “Pet Society isn’t real,” is a typical argument. Well, neither are movies. Yet, we routinely pay anywhere from $3.99 for a DVD rental to $10 at the cinema to watch make-believe stories that are usually predictable. People pay for fantasy and entertainment. It is nothing new.

A friend of mine, Luxe, does purchase Playfish cash regularly. However, she suspects that people who are active in the forums and blogs are not spending real money on Pet Society. If they get cash goods, such as the Halloween Fish Biscuit, they do it through trading. Is this true? Let us know.

Finally, if you’re wondering if it’s worth filling out those annoying surveys for free Playfish coins, contributing blogger Kavya did a story a few months ago on that very topic. We recommend the car insurance survey as we’ve both had success with that one.

Playfish Cash

Note: This post was written by guest blogger Kavya.

I did something today that I’m not very proud of…I got Playfish cash.

Ok, well, I’m not dumb enough to BUY it, but I just did a quick survey and earned 10 Playfish Cash.

The reason why I wanted the dough was because there was a beautiful rock fountain for sale, and I had to have it for my garden.

Want to earn some cash? Here’s how to get to the surveys:

First go to the cash shop, and find the ATM:

Click on the ATM, and browse through the choices until you find a bar that looks like this:

You can earn 10 coins by completing a survey, and 80 if you try or buy a product. I did a survey about auto insurance. Full disclosure: I had to make up most of the answers because I’m only thirteen and don’t even have a driver’s license. Let’s just say it was a creative exercise. I think I’ll do those surveys with my other accounts…Ca-ching! Ca-ching!

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