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Pet Society Twins


What’s the likelihood of running into a pet that looks exactly like yours? Chumchum, a programmer, explains that finding a lookalike depends on the number of choices at the stylist. Let’s suppose there are 2 colors and 3 heads you can pick from. How many possibilities will you get? The answer: 2 x 3 = 6.

However, this is the reality at the Pet Society Stylist:

Color: 31 choices
Head: 20
Ears: 22
Face: 37
Nose: 22
Eyebrows: 24
Eyes: 36
Mouth: 20

31 x 20 x 22 x 37 x 22 x 24 x 36 x 20 = 191,859,148,800

Wow! Over 191 billion possibilities! This means it is very, very, very unlikely that you run into your clone. In fact, it’s more likely that you will win a lottery or marry Brad Pitt or be adopted by Angelina.

Still, it’s always fun to see pets that look like family. Here are some images sent in by readers.

And don’t forget, I’m now looking for spooky or funny Halloween pictures for a contest. Deadline is Oct 25.

quijote punk
bella becky
cookie nora
shishilily tizzy
gertrudis pinkie
yolupa gparty

Pet Society Twins


OMG, I just spotted Sushi’s twin! Her name is Bullina and she’s from Italy. Bongiorno, Bella!

I’m so glad I found Bullina because for a while, I was thinking about getting plastic surgery for my pet. But many of you responded that he’s fine the way he is. He may be an awkward little sissy boy, but most of you didn’t want me to change his appearance or cut off his imaginary wee-wee. And now, with Bullina, I have proof that we’re in style!

How about you? Have you seen any lookalikes of your pet? If so, send images to The best lookalikes will be published on this site and on Pet Society Chatter.

Rules for Images

  • Include the names of your pet and your twin.
  • Tell us where you saw your twin. (Is he/she a friend in your network? Did you see him/her at the Cafe? At the Stadium?)
  • If you can, name the countries of origin for both pets. (It’s great to see how international Pet Society is.)
  • Your pets do not have to wear the same outfit as in the picture above.
  • Deadline for images is October 20.
  • Please, no cheating by creating a second account and making your pets look the same. That takes the challenge—and fun—out of this quest.

    Good luck and happy searching!

Pet Society Family Tree – Striped Triplets


Just spotted these cute lookalikes in my neighborhood. The first two could be twin brothers separated at birth and the third may be a Japanese cousin.

For more long-lost family members, see the Look-alikes category.

How about you? Have you spotted any pet that looks like yours? If so, take a picture of both you and your pet and leave a comment with a link to the image. You can also send the picture to me at Please be sure to include the names of both your pet and the twin.

Pet Society Family Tree 3

This starry-eyed family was celebrating Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo when a stranger crashed their party.


Pet Society Family Tree 2

For Cinco de Mayo, these sisters not only look alike, they dressed alike. But as you can see, there’s always a black sheep in the family.

*Lola is not her real name.

*Lola is not this pet’s real name.

Pet Society Family Tree

Have you noticed that some of the pets out there look kind of similar to yours? Lately, I’ve spotted several pets who look like long-lost relatives. It’s enough to make me sing the disco song, “We are family, I’ve got all my sistahs and me…”


As you can see, my sisters and I share the same eyes and skin tone. Little sister Bite Bite likes to dress up in frilly frocks while my big sister Ella looks sophisticated with her arched eyebrows. My cousins also have the same brown eyes. Then there’s Mean Green, who looks nothing like us, but we love him anyway.

I’ve also noticed that even when other pets bear no resemblance to yours, they look practically like twins when they hug. Of course, this is due to the way the game was programmed, but I like to think that happiness makes everyone appear equally beautiful.


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