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Review of Mother’s Day Spa

The following story is by George, whose pet Jesse recently pampered himself at the spa.

mother's day spa in pet society

mother's day spa in pet society

mother's day spa in pet society

dragon boat in pet society

mother's day spa in pet society glows very nicely

japanese hot springs in pet society

mermaid lagoon in pet society


Memoirs of a Pet Society Geisha

The following story is by Ben Zoate, who’s been having fun with the Japanese-themed items in Pet Society.

pet society geisha
Late morning, Gretchen wakes up in her okiya, where many geishas live. A bottle of sake, a Japanese alcohol, sits out from the night before.
pet society geisha
A busy day ahead of her, Gretchen picks out her kimono and hair ornaments for her trip to the hairdresser. She wears a type of lacquered shoe called zori.
pet society geisha
After a grueling few hours getting her hair molded with hot wax, Gretchen returns to her okiya for a quick snack before a lunchtime appointment. No sashimi for you today, Kitty!
pet society geisha
Geishas are skilled entertainers. In fact, the closest English translation for “geisha” is “artist.” Trained in various arts, Gretchen will entertain her patron with witty conversation, a dance performance, or music played on a traditional instrument while he eats lunch at a local teahouse.
pet society geisha It is very uncommon for a geisha to let her hair down, but Gretchen is tired after a long night of entertaining many patrons at many parties. Back at the okiya, she enjoys a late-night treat before getting some sleep in preparation for tomorrow…Sayonara!



For more information about geishas, check out Geisha: The Secret History of a Vanishing World, Memoirs of a Geisha (book, movie) or this article on Marie Claire about the the first Western geisha in Japan. Or search for other sources.

Pet Society World Traveler

The following story is by Leslie Bosch, who’s been creating international adventures for her pet Pinkie.

Pinkie in Woodstock
This is my virtual pet, Pinkie, created through Facebook’s Pet Society. I play this game more than I should admit mainly because it’s mindless and there’s a sense of creativity involved in the clothing and housing of your pet. Here’s Pinkie at Woodstock where you can see the remnants of her golden apple glitter effect just to the left of her eyes.
Pinkie in Havana
After Pinkie’s love, peace, and happiness phase she left the comfort of her upbringing and struck out to see how the rest of the world lives. Inspired by counter-culture music, she spent a summer in Havana.
Pinkie in Paris
It wasn’t long before Pinkie realised that her true passion was art so off she went to Paris where she spent a lot of time socialising in cafes and studying the great painters of the modern period.
Pinkie in New York City
With an education in hand, Pinkie then moved to New York City where fashion became important to her. She attended art gallery openings and through her many friends and connections got a job working in the clothing industry.
Pinkie in Hollywood
Pinkie’s innate sense of style was so good, she excelled at her work and even won an award for costumes featured in a full-length film about Bohemian artists and the Bateau-Lavoir experience.
Pinkie in Bangalore
Unfortunately hard-earned success and the fast life of LA left Pinkie feeling a little empty so after a while she gave up the beautiful people and found inspiration in Bollywood, yoga, and transcendental meditation.
Pinkie in Miami
Back to herself once again, Pinkie returned home but in a matter of weeks her portfolio took a dive and she found herself living homeless among pickpockets, scam artists, and thieves.
Pinkie in London
Luckily, Pinkie’s friends from the park, Oliver and Dodger, had upscale connections, the nature of which will go unnamed. Within a short while, she was back on her feet and working in an exclusive dress shop.
Pinkie in Madrid
Pinkie was happy in her new life but she wasn’t fulfilled. As soon as the tourist season was over, she escaped to Madrid and discovered the fine art of pottery making.
Pinkie in Oaxaca
Pinkie’s continued quest for adventure led her to a small mountain town in Mexico where she met and fell in love with a revolutionary-minded muralist. It was here she stayed mixing clay, spinning her wheel, and living well in an artists’ community.

Leslie Bosch is a Pet Society fan and world traveler based in Washington, DC.

A Pet Society Love Story

petsocietylove1This story was written by Sonini, a Pet Society player in Greece.

Ziggy and Strawberry met in a public library years ago and had been a happy couple for a long time. Lately however, Strawberry had started complaining because she wanted marriage and children, but Ziggy, a typical lad, was not ready! They went to their favorite disco-bar but couldn’t enjoy themselves:


They went to the library where they first met, but things just weren’t the same anymore.

And lately Strawberry had been frowning a lot over Ziggy’s appalling gardening skills!

Ziggy decided that although he was still in love they should split. In order to get over Strawberry he took up exercising and fishing.


He started hanging around with friends…

and even tried dating other people.

But nothing worked…All he could think about was Strawberry…and Strawberry herself was heartbroken. She couldn’t even enjoy a shopping spree at her favorite Mystery Shop!


Then one day Ziggy finally realized that life stunk without the love of his life:


He invited Strawberry for a candle-lit dinner in Paris and nervously proposed with a big diamond ring. (Had he had knees he would have surely dropped to one knee.)


Strawberry, of course, accepted and after having a fairytale wedding at a sandy beach…

the happy couple boarded the train to their honeymoon:

and a few months later, they even had a baby to complete their dream!


Pet Society Traveler: Italy


Note: This post was written by guest blogger Kavya.

This week, our destination is Europe. Which part? Italy.

Recently, I met a girl named Angela* and her cute little pet King Thindir. Angela’s decorating skills are genius! This girl Romanized her house completely after level 31. My favorite room features a fountain spouting water into a pond:


This looks like the indoor swimming pool that was featured here a few weeks ago, but because it doesn’t use any bookshelves, this one might be easier to make. The fountain here isn’t for sale any more, but other fountains work just as well.

This isn’t the only room that impresses me. Angela’s using her brilliance for other ideas. Take a look at this:


Doesn’t this look like a seaside balcony? All you need are some shelves and a blind to act as a wall. There’s even a picture on the blind and a cute little parakeet nearby to make the whole scene more convincing. It’s just the perfect setting to laze around and sip a coconut juice.


Ahh. The beautiful night sky! How romantic. I’ll let you in on a secret: Katrina’s going crazy for Thindir. He’s rich, handsome, and sweet. In other words, he’s perfect. What more could you possibly want in a guy? Katrina and Thindir sat under the stars and chatted all night.

After touring the house, I stepped into the gardens. One of them is normal, with just plants. But the other one is spectacular, using arched windows and columns in a whole new way.


After exploring the house, Katrina and Thindir ate a pizza. Sooo Italian!

Things You Need to Make a Garden Courtyard:

  • White fluted columns (650 coins each) from DIY.
  • Villa Patrizia Windows (450 coins each) from the Luxury Shop – We’re not sure why this is in the Luxury Shop. At 450 coins, it’s way cheaper than the other materials there.
  • Maple Stair Units (800 coins each) to place on top of the columns. You can also try the cheaper Simple Shelves (50 coins each), which work well too.
  • Place everything in a garden; you won’t have to purchase wallpaper or carpet.

* Angela is a pseudonym.

Faerie eggs in Pet Society

Note: This post was written by guest blogger Kavya.

My house has been changing. Mostly because of the faerie eggs in the mystery shop. Note these come from the green Faerie machine, not the pink one marked Fairy Tale.

Some of these Faerie eggs give you some amazing furniture. For example, you can get a door and a wonderful doormat to go along with it:

I’ve also gotten a cute window. I put it in my greenhouse, to add to the greenery:

Finally, the best prize I received from these fantastic eggs…a bed!

It’s just beautiful, isn’t it? With sunflower pillows and everything! I checked how much I could get for it…799 coins! This was a great bargain as I’d paid only 350 coins for the egg.

Here’s the problem, though: I already have a bed. I don’t need an extra one, but I don’t have the heart to sell this one away. I also don’t have the heart to give it away! I don’t know what I’ll do in the future, but, for now, I’ll just keep it under the shade in my garden:

If you want to get some good furniture, try buying an egg at the mystery shop. They’re only 350 coins, a great deal for this stuff!

Virtual slumber parties in Pet Society

Note: This post was written by guest blogger Kavya.

You know that I love to party. I’m especially a fan of sleepovers. So when my friend Mimi* invited me to a virtual slumber party, I jumped at the chance.

First thing about sleepovers: You always want to pack the right things. Now, in Pet Society, you obviously can’t pack board games, or candy, or whatever. But, just to make it seem like you’re prepared, get a suitcase.

Katrina walked all the way to Spice’s house, and when she got there, she was greeted with a warm hug.

I ventured around the house and discovered that there wasn’t a bed.

“I’m sorry,” Mimi said sincerely. “Katrina’s going to have to sleep on the couch.”

I didn’t mind. It was nice enough that Katrina and Spice could hang out together all night.

Spice’s house was very nice. I especially liked her star room, where she kept all of her trophies:

After exploring the entire house and falling in love with every detail of it, it was time to go to bed. But Katrina wasn’t tired, and she wanted to stay up late and watch some movies, but she’d forgotten to bring her DVDs. She decided to go back to her house to get them. It was dark outside, and the road back home was long and twisted. Boy, was she scared.

But Katrina kept walking and grabbed the DVDs from her house.

Then, she had to head back out to the creepy, dark neighborhood. If only she’d had a car or a bicycle, the trip would have been a lot faster!

When Katrina finally got back to Spice’s house, she found her friend fast asleep. Boy, this wasn’t much of a party. Movies were out. Making brownies and talking all night was out. Katrina had no choice but to sleep, so slipped on her eye mask, took off her bow and changed into her nightgown.

It was hard for Katrina to sleep while sitting, but she was too tired too complain. Eventually, she drifted off.

The next morning, she walked into the living room, and made herself at home by wearing her robe and slippers:

Finally, after repacking her clothes, and changing back to her normal clothes, she bid Spice goodbye with a nice hug:

For another slumber party story, see: Pets Sleeping Together in Pet Society

*Some names have been changed in order to protect the players identity.

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