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How to Send & Retrieve Free Gifts in Pet Society

free gifts in pet society

Pet Society recently began allowing players to exchange free gifts. But the game didn’t include instructions on how this actually works, so here are step-by-step directions.

Sending Free Gifts in Pet Society
Click on the pink giftbox on the left side of your screen. Choose a gift, select a friend, hit send. Easy peasy.

How to Retrieve a Free Gift
You get your free gifts not within the game, but in the Requests section of Facebook. As you can see, I usually ignore my requests, because they involve tiresome invitations to groups like Make Me Change My Name to Spiderman or I prefer Internet smileys without the nose. Click “Other Requests.”

Scroll down the page until you find a notice like this:

Clicking “Accept gift” will bring you back to the game. Here are some free plushies that Sushi received, thanks to his friends. Since plushies usually go for anywhere between 600-1000 coins at the stores, these freebies are a great deal, and a lot more fun than the Pet Society Stickers, which are received in a similar manner. Unwanted gifts can be sold for 33 coins.


Free Bouquet for Pet Society Fans

Playfish is sending flowers to their fans on Facebook. Today, I logged into the game to find this pretty yellow bouquet and a message from the Mayor. You still have two weeks to become a fan and take advantage of this freebie. Thanks, Playfish!


Striking gold in Pet Society

Striking gold in Pet Society

Gold! I finally got the golden poo after months of pursuit. Technically though, it’s not my poo. It was given to me by a new friend named Santa Huang—that’s the pet’s real name—and he’s a cool cat from Thailand. Thanks to him, it’s like Christmas in my house all over again. Visitors noticed the change immediately. “How’d you get the golden poo?” asked several people. “Wow, it’s so shiny!” admired another. “It really exists!” said one woman, who was convinced that the golden poo was an urban myth.

More about Santa Huang: He’s got a lovely place with a gourmet kitchen. One piece that stands out is a fruit bowl made with a light fixture. Pretty ingenious, heh?

Fruit bowl made with light fixture.

Fruit bowl made with light fixture.

Still Trying to Poo
Some readers are still mystified by how to get poo, gold or brown. In my earlier entry about poo pride in Pet Society, I asked a simple question, “How often does your pet poo?” Out of nearly 1000 responses, almost half indicate they are still trying to poo, and another 19.5% wouldn’t dream of letting their pets get dirty. No pun intended, but how anal can you get?
Responses to "How often does your pet poo?"

How to Get Your Pet to Poo
For those who are trying to poo, here are some hints.

  • Keep your pet full.
  • Keep your pet happy (visit other pets to raise your happiness level).
  • Keep it dirty. It’s not necessary to have flies buzzing around, but let the cleanliness level go below 40%.
  • Go home. Like many people, your pet doesn’t feel comfortable enough to poo at someone else’s house. It might make a scrunchie face, but it won’t drop a poo when it’s out and about. That said, pets have no problems pooing in front of other pets. I’ve seen several pets poo right in front of me. I was shocked and insulted the first time I witnessed this. The key is that the pet is at home, in his comfort zone.
  • Go to a relatively empty room. The pet will often pick things up or sit on a couch. It doesn’t poo when it does other things, so the emptier the room, the quicker it will poo.
  • Many people advise clicking on your pet until it poos. However, I recommend opening another page on your browser and doing something else, like E-mail. This way, the Pet Society program will still be running, but you won’t go nuts waiting. A few minutes later, check your first browser and see how your pet is doing. You might see that he’s pumped out a poo!

Facts about Golden Poo and Brown Poo

  • Golden poo is random, like a lottery, and like a lottery, winning is rare.
  • Golden poo is worth only 10 coins if you cash it in. Brown poo is worth 1 coin.
  • Other players have reported that there is a 3 poo limit. So if you’ve pooed 3 times already and you want to keep pooing, get rid of the others by either giving them as gifts or by clicking them for coins.
  • If you want to move your poo, you first need to open your chest.

Good luck, and happy pooing!

How to get a Rubber Ducky in Pet Society

Ah, the holiday season is upon us. The neighborhood is covered with powdery snow, and my pet, Sushi, has had a full week of visiting her BFFs, decorating the X-mas tree and laying out the occasional poo. She’s also learned a couple of lessons and practical tips on getting ahead in the world of Pet Society.

Beware of the Mystery Box. I’ve heard of people getting cool stuff in the mystery boxes. Alas, this was not the case for Sushi today. I splurged on the 500 coin box, thinking it would reveal something rare and delightful, but all I got was a stinkin’ shirt. Not only was it the wrong color for my boy-girl, the shirt sells for much less (300) at the clothing store.

Onto better lessons: I recently figured out how to give and receive a yellow rubber ducky – and not by buying a mystery box or trading with random people from the forum. This involves another set of boxes, accessible from your Facebook profile:

Boxes in Facebook

Click around to your friends who play Pet Society and click on their “Boxes” tab. See if they have a P.S. box like below.

My friend's box in Facebook

My friend's box in Facebook

Then click “Gift,” and you’ll see this window:

Sending a rubber ducky in Pet Society

Sending a rubber ducky in Pet Society

Some items like the star bangle are very expensive (5000 coins) but the rubber ducky is reasonable (250) and can’t be found anywhere else. As soon as you send an item, the cost will be taken out of your Pet Society account.

Unfortunately, you can’t give a gift to yourself. But you can hint in a lady-like manner, such as, “Oh, Wasabi, my spicy little man, where on earth did you find that cute little ducky?” To get ready for receiving the ducks and other gifts, be sure to add “Boxes” to your profile.

How to Add “Boxes”:

1. Login to Facebook and click on “Applications” on the bottom left corner of the page. Click “Edit.”

Edit Applications in Facebook

Edit Applications in Facebook

2. Choose Pet Society, Edit Settings.

Edit Settings

Edit Settings

3. This will open a new window. Click the Profile tab. Click Box, Add, Okay. Your very own Pet Society box should appear in your FB profile and other players can now send you cool gifts. Be mindful that all of this requires a bit of work. You might get a rubber ducky, but the multi-step process is bound to separate your real friends in Pet Society from the throngs of acquaintances and hangers-on. Sigh. Such is the life of an A-list socialite.

Add Box to your Facebook profile.

Add Box to your Facebook profile.

Getting a Sugar Daddy in Pet Society

My days of jumping rope are over, cuz this girl has got herself a sugar daddy. And what a sweet daddy he is. In one day, I scored a robot, a piggy bank, a cat, a fish bowl with a jumping fish, and most impressively, a bed! The same bed I’d been eyeing for days. All of this was given to me by Fernando*, who asked me to be his friend after reading my blog.

Fernando has got to be one of the richest—and most dedicated—players.  He has over 600,000 paw points and 300 pet friends, most of them women, making him the Hugh Hefner of Pet Society. Lucky for his playmates—or his “Angels of Pet Society” as he calls them, Fernando is generous with gifts. He says that in the past, many angels have given him gifts, so now, he’s “paying it forward.” Thanks to him, my humble house is now crammed full of goods.


Sushi's new bed and toys, thanks to her Sugar Daddy.

Sushi's new bed and toys, thanks to the Sugar Daddy.


My friend Holly noticed immediately.  “How did you get all that stuff?  I thought the fish bowl wasn’t available any more.” I told her about the sugar daddy.  “Wow,” she replied.  “Your house looks really good.”  I could hear the tone of envy, even though this was all in text.  Then she posed a challenge:  “Ask him to give you the pink kimono.  Sushi would look so cute in that!” 

Once again, I was reminded of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Like the show, this game is all about shopping and looking good.  With Fernando acting as my benefactor, my status in the neighborhood just climbed several notches.  I imagined cooing to my new friend: “Oh, Fernando, honey, can you buy me that cute little kimono?”   


But I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Call me a working gal, but asking for expensive gifts just isn’t my style.  And since I don’t know Fernando well, I didn’t want to ask him for something and be indebted to him in some weird way.  Still, I have to admit, it’s nice to be treated by a rich guy.  I may not be a gold digger, but I won’t say no to gold–or diamonds for that matter.  

Fernando's Playboy Mansion.  Check out the huge sound system.

Fernando in his Playboy Mansion. Check out the huge sound system.

On a final note, I forgot to list another way to make money in my last post: walk around the neighborhood and shake the trees.  Every once in a while, a golden coin will pop out of a tree. It’s an easy way to score loose change, but the trees dry up quickly and you won’t get rich by doing this alone.


Finding gold amongst the greenery.

Finding gold amongst the greenery.


* All names, including pets’ names have been changed to protect the privacy of the players.

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