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Free Tree Home for Squirrels

homeless squirrels in pet society

Finally, the homeless squirrels outside my house will have a place to call home. Log into Pet Society this Saturday, April 9, 2011, and the Mayor will give you a free tree home. Here’s the message my pet Sushi got from the Mayor today:
free tree home in pet society

Here’s what the tree home looks like. This one was built by Sushi’s friend Lulu. The little squirrel on the branch comes and goes.

squirrel tree home in pet society

I love how Lulu decorated the walkway with two rows of flowers. Pretty, huh?


What about Japan?

pet society charity WWF

Hi Folks! Sorry I’ve been gone so long… as I’ve said before, I’ve been spending more time on my work and my other writing projects. But today, I logged into Pet Society, thinking that there might be some tribute to Japan… and I was a bit surprised that there wasn’t anything in the game that asked for donations for the earthquake and tsunami victims. Considering how much the PS artists and developers are enamored with Japan, I would have thought they’d put a donation feature together. But the World Wildlife Fund remains the charity of choice in the game. Maybe by next week Playfish will do something special for Japan?

If you’re interested in helping, here’s a list compiled by the Huffington Post of what you can do.

In the meantime, I’m loving some of the cute new items. Of course, since I’ve been away for a while, a lot of things that you might think are so last week look fresh to me. Here are my top two items:

rosebush in pet society
One of my favorite activities in Pet Society is gardening. This is because I have a black thumb in real life: I’ve killed every plant I’ve ever owned, so it’s a treat to see beautiful trees and flowers in my pet’s yard. I can’t wait to see how many different colors this rose bush will offer.

bunny food in pet society

OMG, how cute are these? But how much cuter would it be if we could produce bunny-shaped poos???

Bees Now Buzzing in Pet Society

bees in pet society

Bees are now buzzing around the honey pot trees in Pet Society. I hope they don’t sting!

Note, this is an update from a previous post on honey pot trees.

Honey Pots in Pet Society

beehive tree in pet society

I’ve been having a rough time at work lately, so today I logged in hoping to find something fun in Pet Society. Yay! This pot of honey is just the bit of sweetness that I needed.

To get your own honey pot, you’ll need the beehive tree seed, which costs 1000 coins at the outdoor/garden shop.

I love the rich colors of this tree and the swirly patterns on the trunk. I wonder if bees will start buzzing around. Has anyone seen other full-grown honey trees? Were there any bees?

Update: August 28, 2010
As many of you have commented in recent days, bees have been born and now they’re busily buzzing around the trees. Here’s a new pic.

Special Rooms Get Makeovers

A reader named Ally wrote in recently about the extra rooms that are sold for Playfish cash in the Boutique. She didn’t care for how they were decorated, so she decided to make them over and turn them into something really special.

Can you guess what these rooms were originally?

escape the city room in pet society

This room was made over into a spa oasis.


tree house in pet society

An airy reception area makes guests feel welcome.


realm above the clouds in pet society

A rosy bedroom makes for sweet dreams.

I think Ally did a great job with these rooms. Here’s her designer extraordinaire pet Cricket (after a recent trip to the plastic surgeon to get her eyes done).


Ally’s first room, the spa oasis, was made from an Escape from the City Room. Here’s a more typical version, which shows the stones and cave-like opening:

Escape from the City room in Pet society


The reception room was made from a tree house. Here’s what a more traditional tree house looks like. Incredible, huh?
tree house in pet society

The third room was made over from the Cloud Room.
Cloud room in pet society

realm above the clouds in pet society

After the ice was broken, we all decided to lie down and snuggle.

The Home of a High Society Pet

pet society palace

Ever wonder what it’s like to be royalty? Jean-Pierre has always been a little prince, living it up in 5-star luxury. He was especially excited when the Versailles-themed items were released earlier this month. Kellie from High Society Pets gives us this exclusive tour of her pet’s palace, including the Hall of Mirrors, where Jean-Pierre takes tea with visiting pets of importance, his conservatory playhouse, and his dressing room.

I think Kellie did a fabulous job of decorating, don’t you? Check out more of her pet’s home at High Society Pets.

Hall of Mirrors:
pet society palace

Sleeping Chambers:
pet society palace

Conservatory Tea Room (made from Playhouse):

Dressing Room (made from Display Room):
closet in pet society

The picture below comes from another player, Jessica, who re-created the Versailles Hall of Mirrors or Galerie des Glaces. Looks like this little princess could be a good match for Jean-Pierre!

hall of mirrors pet society

Candy Ceiling Lights Glow in the Dark

candy ceiling lights in pet society

Yay! We found another glow-in-the-dark item this week. Thanks to Anushka from New Jersey for posting this image of the Candy Ceiling Lights on the Pet Society Anonymous page on Facebook. Here’s her pet Garnet Rose:

pet society pet Garnet Rose

The Candy Ceiling Light is a one week only special for 250 coins in the DIY shop, in Fixtures & Fittings. We love the two little bunnies on top! In case you’re wondering, the tall Ice Cream Candle for 400 coins does not glow in the dark.

candy ceiling light in pet society and ice cream candle

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