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Halloween Pet Society Poll

halloween in pet society

The undead are taking over Pet Society. Above, Woofeni looks like he’s been mauled by a vampire. See a “before” picture of him. (Link will open a second window.)

I love how this one looks like a demon-possessed doll. The devil cat plushie is the perfect accessory.
halloween in pet society

This witchy pet seems to have cast a spell on all things living. The bunnies around her cost 9 Playfish Cash at the Boutique. They start out looking innocent and then transform into a mummy, vampire or Frankenstein, and they walk around like zombies.

halloween in pet society

Finally, it was hard to take a picture of this spooky pet, without one of her little petlings getting in the way. The eyeball glasses come in a gold mystery box.

halloween in pet society

Here they are again. Which one do you think has the coolest costume? Cast your vote below—or die! Mwaaah hahaha!!!

halloween in pet society


Japanese Dresses in Pet Society

red hakama dress in pet society

Sushi and I love the new Hakama, which was sent by our friend Deedo. The dress is part of a 700-coin package deal at Pet Society’s clothes shop. It comes with a pair of Japanese sandals and a pink butterfly hair clip which animates. The outfit is really quite pretty. It reminds me of my own traditional Korean hanbok dress. I only wish we could keep the cute flowered bag that the outfit came in, but once it was opened, it disappeared.

My pet and I are finally dressing alike!

Korean Hanbok

Photo credit: Della Chen,

Black Pets in Pet Society

Pet Society recently made black a legal color at the stylist. Previously, you had to use a cheat engine to achieve the color. Check out these cool ebony pets in my neighborhood. Black is the new black!


This pretty pet wishes upon the stars.


This pet looks a lot like Chococat and Felix the Cat.


This pet looks like the long-lost sister of Hideenipus!

Freaky Big Eyes in Pet Society

freaky big eyes in pet society

Big, shiny eyes make your pet look like a Japanese cartoon character—or a devil-worshipping killer. Seriously, don’t the last pair of eyes look scary?

These eyes were recently released in Pet Society. (Check the stylist shop.) The new optics seem to fit in with the current trend of large contact lenses worn by teenage girls and Lady Gaga. The New York Times had an interesting article about circle lenses that make your eyes look bigger than normal. Doctors are against them—but girls all over the world are getting them on the Internet.

Lady Gaga with her freaky contacts

I myself have tiny eyes, and I toyed with the idea of ordering a pair for parties and special occasions. But I’m not sure if I want to change Sushi. I know he’s not the most beautiful pet in the world, but I’ve grown attached to the way he looks and like him exactly the way he is. (And yes, he is a boy. He cross dresses, depending on my mood. Get over it.)

What do you think of these big new eyes? Cute or freaky?

Sushi in his normal state.

Wiggin’ Out in Pet Society

Recently, Sushi gave his friend Jossie a Cleopatra wig from the Ancient Egyptian Treasure Hunt. Jossie replied with this funny note:
cleopatra wig in pet society

This inspired Sushi to try on the Cleopatra wig himself. (Note to new readers: Sushi is a boy, but he cross-dresses and acts like a girl sometimes.) He wasn’t sure if the glossy black wig suited him, but he had fun trying on some other wigs as well. Which one do you think suits him best?

pet society wigs

The Power of Pink in Pet Society and Beyond

pet society enchanted forest

Pink used to be my favorite color when I was like, seven. It probably came from my mother’s influence. She liked feminine, flirty things and dressed me up in all shades of pink—creamy pink, rosy pink, hot neon pink. The carpet in my childhood room was a cotton candy pink.

By the time I was in college, I had abandoned pink in favor of dark, moody colors. Every time I visited my mother, I couldn’t stand going into my old room, let alone sleep in it. The carpet had taken on a grayish tone, and reminded me of a pig’s intestines. I didn’t wear pink for many, many years.

Now, I am finding myself slowly returning to pink. This past winter, I kept warm in a fuschia cap (see the About page). In the spring, I bought a fitted shirt from Banana Republic in a very light pink. It’s the standard white business shirt, except it’s not white. Banana calls the color “Blissful Lavendar.” It’s barely pink; it whispers pink.

I love this. It’s become my go-to shirt for days when I have an important meeting and I need to impress. I want to buy six more of these and wear them every day… that’s how much I love this shirt.

My pet Sushi, however, still reflects my teenage rebellion stage. He looks best in blue or black. He is not built for pink. He hates pink and thinks these new items he dug out of the Enchanted Forest make him look like a third-rate drag queen trying to be Marie Antoinette. And he is so above that. He deserves better.

Hipster Hair in Pet Society

asymmetrical wig in pet society
I’m in London this week and I’ve noticed a lot of hipster types with razor cut hair that falls over one eye. So how fun it is to see the Asymmetrical Wig in Pet Society! This wig, sold in the Clothing Shop for 1300 coins, is so cute on some pets, we have to give it 5 paws out of 5. We love how it’s unisex and makes our pets look like Adam Lambert or Rhianna.

lambert rhianna

We also dig the two new dyes at the Hair Stylist, in shades of plum red and dark purple. To change the color, remember to wear the wig when you go to the stylist. You must have at least 2 Playfish cash in order to preview the color. Then click on the dye that you want for instant celebrity hair.

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