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Pet Society Hack – Mayor Imposters and Cheesy Mayor Clones

Not sure why anyone would want to look like the village mayor, but if bushy white eyebrows and a blue top hat are your thing, here’s a hack for impersonating him, if only for a moment. The same hack also allows you to purchase the Cheesy Mayor for just 20 coins. However, once you log off the game, your pet will return to his usual state and your Cheesy Mayor will turn into a tiny piece of fish. Poof! It was all a dream…


Yule Logs – Bake or Buy?

A reader sent in this image comparing the Festive Yule Log from the oven, which costs 500 coins to make, and a similar store-bought version from last year. I like the little snowman and the holly that come with the Festive Yule Log, but Catharsis108 says that she prefers the look of last year’s log.

Before you chime in on which one is better, consider the Chocolate Roulade, which costs only 60 coins at the food store. This could be a good substitute if you don’t feel like baking.

By the way, this is quite easy to do in real life. Let’s say you promised to bake a dessert for a friend’s holiday party. You procrastinated or got too busy Facebooking and now you have a half-hour before the party. What to do? Just go to the supermarket and get a tray of brownies. Buy some frosting and smear it on top of the brownies. The trick is to make it a little sloppy so that it looks home-made and not store-bought. Then cut them unevenly and put them on a plate. (Discard the aluminum tray from the store to remove all evidence of factory precision.) Sprinkle some crumbs on the sides for the finishing touch. Voilà, your home-made dessert! No one but you will ever know the truth.

Suspicious Cheesy Mayor in Pet Society

That’s one big hunk of cheese! Standing 7.2 centimeters (2.8 inches), the Cheesy Mayor is taller than the King Burger, and could probably feed a village.

However, I suspect that this one, sent in by a reader named Shane, isn’t legitimate. Shane was surprised to find this in his friend’s house, because the Cheesy Mayor is the final recipe in our book, and would require hundreds of dishes to be made beforehand. Playfish released the cooking feature in Pet Society on December 11. This image was sent to me on December 16.

I tried to do a search for cooking cheats in Pet Society but couldn’t find anything. Another reader says that she’s also seen a couple of Cheesy Mayors and Wedding Cakes floating around and is convinced that these are products of a hack. If you’re into black-market trading or installing cheat programs, it’s possible to get these items without slaving in your kitchen all day long.

Turkeys in Pet Society – Bake or Buy?

Earlier this week, Pet Society released three new seasonal recipes. Two of them, the Festive Turkey and the Yule Log don’t require any unlocking–yay, no need to make dozens of vegetable soup! But they also look very familiar.

Here are two pets with their Festive Turkeys, which took 8 hours to cook, versus the store-bought Roast Turkey which were available in November for Thanksgiving.

I like the trimmings on the new Festive Turkey, but I think the deeper color of the Roast Turkey looks more appetizing. Which one do you prefer?

Meh! The Orange Cupcake – We’re Not Impressed

A Singaporean reader named Su sent in this image of her orange cupcake, which came out of her Pet Society stove. “I am rather disappointed with the size,” Su said. Yeah, me too. I’m not even bothering to take out my measuring stick for this one. As you can see, it’s about the same size as the blueberry cupcake (middle), which you can buy at the food shop for just 80 coins. The home-grown cupcake (right) that grows on trees is bigger.

Meh! I know bigger isn’t always better, but I’m underwhelmed, especially since you need to cook 19 dishes after the Pineapple Fried Rice to unlock this cupcake recipe. As I said before, my own pet has stopped cooking. But another reader had this to say in response.

Beware, these are the words of a certified Pet Societyholic:

Alarm clock? Nineteen times a day? And you call this fun???

Burned Food & Burned Players in Pet Society

Ring the fire alarm! I smell something burning! Today, as I was visiting friends, I witnessed many cooking disasters. Unfortunately, the pets were helpless and I couldn’t open their ovens and save their dinners.

Plates of burned food are so common now that some of the pets are using them as decoration. They look a lot like piles of horse poo—then again, poo has always been strangely popular in Pet Society.

As amusing as this is, wouldn’t it be nice if we could open other pets’ ovens, much like how we can feed them or groom them when they need?

Burned Players

In related news, many pets are having trouble with the new cooking feature. For some, the King Burgers never showed up in their chests. For others, the game fails to connect or shuts down right after the oven is activated, and they’ve lost both their coins and food. Not fun. A few are downright angry, threatening to jump ship for Zynga’s Petville.

I hope Playfish is working to address these problems. In the meantime, have patience and remember that the game is constantly coming out with new features and is therefore likely to have glitches once in a while. (That’s why it’s still called Beta.)

The Pineapple Fried Rice in Pet Society

Emily from Egypt sent in this image of the Pineapple Fried Rice, which takes 12 hours to make. As you can see, the super-sized dish measures approximately 4.5 centimeters (1.77 inches), green top included. Not as long as the Giant Hotdog, but it’s still big enough to be a canoe.

My pet Sushi just took his rice out of the stove, and was eager to get to the next dish, the Orange Cupcake. But, he was stunned by this message:

Even if he made the vegetable soup, which is the cheapest and quickest way to level up, it would still take 19 x 10 minutes, or over 3 hours of play. Cheeh! Sushi’s tired of slaving in front of a hot oven. He’d rather be shopping for holiday gifts and party outfits, thankyouverymuch.

But if you’re a kitchen dervish and love cooking up a storm, please go ahead and send us pics of your Orange Cupcake and higher level recipes to

As for us, we’ll just hang back and whet our appetites by looking and measuring all the new food! See pics of the Giant Hotdog, King Burger, Mega Pancakes to compare.

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