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1000 Playfish Cash Award in Pet Society Contest

The official Pet Society blog has just announced a decorating contest. Here’s the deal:

  • Decorate a room using Pet Society items.
  • No Photoshopping allowed.
  • Deadline is August 12. (At least, that’s what the contest page says. The official blog states that it’s August 15.)
  • First place winner gets 1000 Playfish Cash. Woo-hoo!
  • Second place gets 300 PCs.
  • Third place gets 200 PCs.
  • Go here to enter the contest

I know many of you are extraordinary designers. Share your talents and wow the judges. Good luck!


Mother’s Day Contest Finalists

Wow! I’ve been blown away by your entries. Not only did many of you imagine what your pet’s mom looked like, but you created some wonderful stories. I received so many that I’ve had to separate the entries into two categories:

1. Pictures – Below on this page
2. Comics Go to second page

I’ve had to place the comics on another site to display them in their full size. These were so good that even my older brother, who thinks Pet Society is a silly game, was impressed.
See the comics

Below are the finalists in the Pictures category. Vote for your favorites here and on the comics page. The final two winners will receive 2000 regular coins of goodies. Voting ends this Wednesday May 12.

1. Caitlin’s picture – Colette & her mom

2. Ariana’s picture – Lorelei and her mom spend a lovely day at the beach.

3. Lorena’s picture – Yavis is named after her mom Yavanna.

4. Sigourney’s picture – Lex and his mom Martha. She loves him, but he’s nervous that she will disapprove of him for buying two television sets.

5. Danica’s picture

See Part 2: Mother’s Day Comics

Pet Society Moms Contest

Several people have asked when there is gonna be another contest. I’ve had to work a lot this past week—jobs are annoying that way—so I haven’t been able to blog. But I did recently see my mom, and since Mother’s Day is coming up (May 9), it’s the perfect time to hold a contest in honor of motherhood.

Moms Contest Instructions:

  1. First, take a picture of your pet.
  2. Then go to the stylist and imagine what your pet’s mother would look like.
  3. Change your pet’s face and expressions–but not so much that she doesn’t look related. Unless of course, you want your mother to be an adoptive mom, in which case, she can look totally different.
  4. Take a picture of the mother pet.
  5. Post both pictures on the PSA Facebook page, or send them to
  6. Another way to to do this would be to ask a friend to change her pet to a mom pet. Then you can visit each other and create one scene where both pets are doing something together.
  7. Deadline: end of Saturday May 8 GMT.

I’ll show my favorite images here on Mother’s Day Sunday.

If you haven’t seen it, Sushi and his mom were featured here in a comic last week. For the contest, you don’t need to make up a story like I did, but it’s usually more fun to see a little description of the scene.

Tell Your Story

Got a great Pet Society story of your own? Post story and images on The best stories will be posted on this blog!

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