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Pet Society Cheats & Hacks – Part 1


Recently, my pet Sushi became friends with a very cute Puerto Rican pet named Xavito. When I visited this new friend, I was surprised by:

  • the sight of Xavito pooing in front of me
  • how Xavito had over 16 million points, but a modest-looking house, much like my own

Immediately, I smelled something fishy. I sent a note to Xavito. This was our correspondence:




After seeing these messages, I e-mailed the Playfish office and asked how the company felt about hacking and cheating. Does the company try to prevent it? Or is cheating tolerated? Is it even somewhat flattering, that people care so much about the games that they want to hack them?

This was the official response:

“At Playfish, we strive to create a fun community for you to enjoy. We encourage you to express yourself peacefully in our community and on our games. We will do our best to allow you to do so. But we also expect you to be respectful of our games and especially of each other. Please be polite to other players. And do not try to hack our games or cheat – it ruins the experience for everyone else. Failure to adhere to these expectations may result in your account being reset or banned across any and all Playfish games at our discretion. For more detailed information, please see our Terms of Service.”

See Part 2: Interview with a Hacker


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