Hideeni Eats, Drinks in Pet Society

pet society hideeni eats drinks

I never realized that Hideeni, who looks even creepier than usual in his clown costume, eats and drinks. I discovered this today by accident when I tried to get my pet to drink some O.J. Hideeni instantly grabbed the juice and gulped it down. I got paid some coins for feeding him. Now, the logical question is, if Hideeni eats and drinks, does he poop as well???

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Big Pet, Little Car

pet in car

pet in car

pet in car, pet society

Real-life Pet Society moment: The first two pictures were taken in my neighborhood in Seattle. There’s a guy who lives in a pink house, who always has comical displays in his front yard. I’m not sure if he plays Pet Society, but I bet he’d like it, because he tries to turn his real world into a cartoon.

The last picture is from my Pet Society neighborhood, where MK has created a delightful camping-on-the-beach scene. Looks like her pet is having a blast!

Bunny races resemble Pet Society

bunny racing, bunny hop

It’s Pet Society come to life! Real bunnies are being trained to race and jump hurdles. According to the MailOnline, this sport, which started in Sweden, is becoming a growing trend in Europe, US, Canada and Japan.

Thanks to Jacel for the tip! We think these are some funny bunnies!

pet society race

bunny race

To see the full story on bunny races, visit MailOnline.

Princess or Punk in Pet Society?

princess or punk in pet society

We think it’s funny that Punk Week is following Royal Wedding week in Pet Society. It makes us wonder, would you rather be a princess or a punk? Let’s compare:

  • If you’re a princess, you would wear a crown.
  • If you’re a punk, you could wear crazy red or blue wigs.
  • A princess would be busy visiting other state officials.


  • A punk would be busy partying late into the night.


  • A princess would inherit the wealth of the king.
    king in pet society


  • A punk might have to sell his favorite things for money.
    punk in pet society


  • A princess would be surrounded by body guards.
    guard in pet society


  • A punk might be surrounded by poor friends who are hungry.


  • Then again, if you’re a princess, it may be your responsibility to feed those who are hungry.
    princess in pet society


  • If you’re a princess, you may never be alone. Yet, sometimes, you might feel very alone, because no one else can relate.

princess in pet society

So what would you prefer to be? Princess or punk?

Easter-themed Poos in Pet Society

easter poos in pet society

Noemi’s pet Luna has been working hard to squeeze out the new Easter-themed poos! The yellow duckling, carrot cake, and creamy egg poos look good enough to eat. Which one’s your favorite?


Thank you to Snowball for giving Sushi his own set of the new poo! We love ’em!

Putting Stuff for Free in Pet Society Yard

free zone in pet society yard

Doh! I made a big mistake when I tried to put in my squirrel home. In my last blog post, I said that it costs 10,000 coins to place it. You can actually place it for free, as long as you stick to the light-green zone immediately surrounding the house. Anywhere outside it, you have to shell out some major coin.

Thanks to readers for clueing me in! Another pet, Chat Bleu also points out that the house could be moved within this free zone as well. This gives you more options for decoration.

moving house in pet society yard

Don’t forget to take advantage of the free gifts that Pet Society is offering this week. Today, April 12, you can get a free Enchanted Pond Wall to make a charming abode.

enchanted pond wall in pet society

Yard too pricey on Pet Society

free squirrel home in pet society

I was pleased to find a free squirrel home in Pet Society today (April 9). However, when I tried to put it outside my house, I got this message to expand the yard:

expand yard in pet society

So I clicked on the “Expand” button, but realized I couldn’t afford it. Expanding a yard costs 10,000 coins!

cannot expand yard in pet society

I don’t like to complain, but this free squirrel home doesn’t seem like a great offer any more. It looks like a scheme to get players to buy more coins.

For now, my squirrels will remain homeless. I’m not sure if I will go through the trouble to earn 10,000 coins and expand the yard. Will you?

homeless squirrels in pet society

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